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Strange Follower Answered

I've just gained my most unexpected Twitter follower to date: Elizabeth Emanuel, co-designer of Princess Diana's wedding dress.

Now, I'm not complaining about her following me, I'm just puzzled about why.  I'm not exactly known for my fashion sense.

Any ideas?

My Twitter.

Her Twitter.


Have you asked this woman why she's "following" you?


I did, but she hasn't replied.

She is probably promoting herself.
Then again, my guess is that people who define themselves with their relation to a dress, live in a world with very little problems to attend to do. They just have to find something to do.

I wonder why she would not follow you.

I guess you are an inspiration to more than just your school kids. I wonder what you might inspire from her?

There are other, more prolific, and more skilled members here, you know...

Yet they do not get followed by cool people :)

It's simply because you're awesome!

LOL Admit it, you gotta be the coolest inventor/maker around here!