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Strawberry Fair: Cambridge (Englandshire), Sat 6-06-2009 Answered

Strawberry Fair

It's a music, arts and crafts festival in Cambridge. What more do you need? As it turns out, I was looking at a room for rent, and the guy I spoke to had an arduino, laptop, webcam and servo being wired together on the table. I asked him
a) what it was (answer "a gothometer")
b) if he read any tech blogs (answer: Instructables was mentioned)
and told him to take some photos and write it up, because as a project it would probably be feature-worthy.

My rambling anecdotes aside, are any of the UK 'Iblers interested? There will be crafts, leftfield things to see and wireless internet access (and, of course, a beautiful city with many good sandwich shops). I fully intend to go (the location is almost across the road from my prospective new house) and will write up if there's anything worth writing up.


Oo, have fun - I can't make it, but maybe I'll see iblers at Latitude in Suffolk (I will also be wearing a Robot T).

Sounds like the place for me to turn up with sword, armour and elf ears...

Welcome to Cambridge :-) Strawberry Fair is great fun, I visit every year just to buy a new carnivorous plant. Every kind of person, food, colour and alternative political view can be found at the fair. The Strawberry fair definition of 'crafts' probably does not overlap very much with Instructables. Their crafts mainly involve gluing a magic crystal to a spoon and using it to scare off capitalist ghosts. You might find a few interesting wooden things and ethnic objects for sale. Anyway, sure there must be a few more Instructablers in Cambridge. See you there for a pint perhaps.

Welcome back to Cambridge :P

I never actually went to the fair when I was studying, quite remiss of me, but heard tell from my vet student friends of having to resuscitate someone they found bombed out of his head on something or other, face down in the fens.

I see what you mean about the crafts, but I try to be inclusive and not expect every Instructables project to involve LEDs or bike trailers :) and I could use a carnivorous plant or two to brighten up the new place. I'll probably be the one wearing a robot T-shirt.