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Strong Egg Timer mechanism? Answered

I want to a mechanism that turns a drum very slowly for a few hours.  It should work just like an egg timer: You wind it up and then it turns slowly. Is there mechanism available that works like this or do I have to built it from scratch?


You'll need to put some quantities on "a few hours" - how many ?
"A drum" - what size ?
"Slowly" - how slow ?

A weighted clock type drive would be simple enough.

good questions, thanks.
The drum should turn about 1x per minute or less and should run for up to 8 hours.
The drum is 2 ft in diameter and needs about 5 ftlbs max to turn.

Where can I get a "weighted clock type drive"?


I may be wrong, but I reckon you're going to have to do it from scratch, if its the way you want to go. Its basically a pendulum clock.

There are many speed controlling mechanisms in the clock work world.

From swinging balls to fans.

Smart grease is also a good option depending on how slow you want it to go and how variable it needs to be.


I'm thinking that "fans" and "grease" are energy lossy though, but an escapement isn't