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Stuck plunger help? Answered

I recently got an antique syringe, complete with needles and all. It is in perfect working order, clean and rust free. The only problem is that the rubber plunger is stuck in the glass tube and won't dislodge. It has some rust like buildup around it, but it rinsed off the end easily. Can anyone help me get it out? ( I want to keep the original glass tube because I would like it to be complete and not have a new glass/ plexiglass tube) best answer to the solution that works.



8 years ago

I got out the plunger, but one if the seals broke and the other is in bad condition. Now I'm stuck trying to find replacements.

make one your self? rubber caulking works pretty well

As Skittlespider says, the rubber is probably "perished". If the tube is reasonably strong, take a firm hold of the syringe tube in a gloved hand (just in case it breaks), and then firmly pull the plunger out. If that fails, try soaking the whole thing in a volatile solvent such as acetone (nail varnish remover) and try again.

The rubber has probably decayed. I am a draftsman at an engineering company and I see this at work a lot. In our archives the rubber bands are dried up, brittle, and very hard to remove (because they are kind of sticky) Maybe try pulling and pushing on it while slightly rotating/wiggling it? Just be gentle since you want the original glass. You will probably have to replace the rubber though, or it will just get stuck again.