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Subliminal Message Conspiracy Answered

Do YOU think the government posts subliminal messages? What kind of subliminal messages do they post??


Government? I'm not sure... Musicians? OMG YES. Have you heard of the famous Jay-Z message?

. From what I read whilst helping my ex get her PhD Psych, you cannot get someone to do something they don't want to do with subliminal msgs, hypnosis, &c;.

i was reading about subliminal messages and hypnosis and they all agreed. They all said that you absolutely cannot get someone to do something that, in the real world, is against their moral ethic.

that all sort of ties into psionics...

everyone is a psychic...

don't believe me? yo don't have to...

just check this out:psipog

Very interesting. On the other hand, the human syche is a little stronger. The human mind can find these tricks Even the most feeble. Or, I could be wrong. But I don't think so. After all, we're a product of a million changes. Many, many changes. Answer: No, they don't.

people buy vista. even feeble minds can do the research and realize its crap.

I just had this strange urge to not vote at all....wonder what caused that LOL

I just had a strange urge to vote for Obama for some reason..

I did. Thats why the avatar has remained for now. So that people can still figure out who I am. I got tired of people not being able to spell my old one, so I went with something a bit easier. I had seen a "its a lion! get in the car" thing earlier, and for some reason it just stuck with me.

if you go into microsoft word and type in fine you don't have to log onto instructables and italicize the words you, have, to, log, onto, instructables this is a example of subliminal messages, you usually don't notice the italicization and some people actually have responded to this kind of thing by doing what it says

if you are aware of a sublim. app. (goodhart for example) it's not going to work. it has to only be known to your subconcious, then you would be influenced.

Revelation: I have had a subliminal training program (Fast Mind) running on my computer for about 8 months now, and I have found no significant alteration in my mood nor anything I have set it up to "flash on my screen". But it does seem to give me quite the headache, so as soon as I am done in here, I think I will uninstall the thing (I could just turn it off, but why have it around if it doesn't work ?).

Can you say Limon? sprite bwahaha!

If you like conspiracy theories listen to immortal technique (4th branch, industrial revolution, and cause of death are my favorites)

Did you know that the original study (the coke and popcorn promo) was never done? The whole thing was faked.

If they did, A lot more people would like Bush..

either that or bush came up with the messages.... so they don't work... or were all walking around screwing up catch phrases and over explaining the easy stuff

Well, after a ~10 minute US Marine commercial at the theater, I had the song stuck in my head for two weeks...

And I actually considered joining, which is weird because I don't ever want to join them. Ever. Never ever. I don't like pushups or getting shot at. I've passed every booth set up in the cafeteria (at school) without a second thought. Call of Duty 4 is as close as I'm willing to get.

check if you agree not to copy this disk and to sell your soul to Microsoft

You don't own it if you can't open it :-)

They post yes we are your father, pay us half you income and do as we say !

lol.... it seems that wouldn't work....... I know a lot of people, myself included that would say " ef you dad, I gotta save my income to take care of your old ass and you try doing as you say before expecting me too" it would seem more likely that the message is "weapons of mass destruction" the subliminal is "weapons of mass DESTRACTION, don't notice how bad were efing up"