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Subscription Email Answered

I love this website and enjoy my weekly newsletter of new Instructables. Originally, I had them going to my spam-catcher email (I do that when I sign up for something new), but want it to come to my regular email now. My main account settings now has my regular email address, but the newsletter still went to the old one. Private messages and comment updates go to the new email just fine. Finally, I turned off the subscriptions to that old email address. Oops... Now I don't get the weekly at all! I tried to find where to subscribe to the newsletter and all I get is a page that is essentially for new accounts: it wants a NEW address and won't accept my current email address, saying it's already in use. Well no kidding! It's my email address and that's where I want the newsletter to go!!! So how the heck do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter using my current account settings' regular email address?


We've got a more elegant fix for this coming soon. For the time being, here's the dumb hack: change the email address on your Instructables account to something else. Create a new Instructables account using your preferred email address, and wait a week to confirm that new account with preferred email address is subscribed to the newsletter. Then, change the email address on the new account (and abandon it, if you want), and change the email address on your preferred Instructables account back to your preferred email address.

I'm not sure I put this in the right place, so I'm re-posting in the Help-Bugs section.