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Substitute for a 4017 chip? Answered

I am working on a project that needed 2 4017 chips. I looked all over where i live but couldnt find any. Is there any other chips i could use instead.  I need 12v to power some LED's.  i am hooking into a 555 timer chip.  I am building the 18 led lighthouse circuit described on this site.?




5 years ago

It's probably my 18 but sorry the replacement that makes sense is a micro P...


Here is my 182 circuit ( takes 3 ICs ) you could also do it with
one Pic micro controller.


I purchase these 4017 ic's very often from ebay. The price of them varies
widely from about a dollar apiece to about 10 dollars apiece because some
people consider them "antiques" They are still available though. try ebay. Just search for "4017 ic"

If you want a decade counter with fully decoded outputs, there really is no substitute for the 4017.  Well I mean except for more complicated solutions, like getting a microprocessor, and programming it to act like a 4017.

I have not done much traveling outside of my home country (the Former US), yet I suspect that most of the "associates", in most of the brick-and-mortar stores on this planet,  will give you blank stares in response to queries about parts like this.

So we must turn to the internet to find the places that do sell electronic components.  It is a question that has been asked, and maybe even answered, here before:



4017 should be easily available over the internet from any number of USA suppliers.

4020 - 4024 are ripple counters that do a similar thing.