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Sucsessful Forum Post From Windows 7 Answered

I am not sure if this is the first, but Instuctables has been viewed using Windows 7!

For anyone not aware, the Windows 7 beta is free to download for the first 2.5 million visitors, and last I checked it was still available.

This is a link to the download site.

UPDATE: Microsoft has lifted the 2.5 million download limit and it will be available until January 24th Cnet Article



9 years ago

can u switch back to vista, if you have vista already installed? if so how?

Yes, you can if you make a back up disk of your OS before you install windows 7. However, you still need to back up all of your files before you install 7, because it may delete all of them when it installs.

Like i'm gonna get another windows version after this vista thing. I'm considering making a full switch to Ubuntu.

Well,They say It is following XP's Footprints,It Is considerably lighter than Vista,And Overall I like this Over vista.

it looks good. how is it in reality compared to xp sp2 with addons and tweaks ? (i never used vista so not familiar)

i am happy with my kde 4.1 (images 12) and 4.2 beta on the other computer

Well,I tried It With 400MB of RAM,It runs Pretty good,I do not recommend anything lower than 400. Compared To XP SP3 Its Pretty Good,The Speed Would be about 2/3 of XP's speed or so.

Even if they do take this Beta down, i'm sure i can find a other ways of getting it

You have until the 24th, but I wouldn't download it form anywhere other than the Microsoft site, it would most likely have a virus.

What are your PC's specs? And what res is that?

I'm not sure about the PC, its an old Toshiba Satellite A65 laptop, 55.8 gig hard drive, 512mb RAM,the Processor is an Intel Celeron CPU 2.80GHz, 2800 Mhz, 1 Core.

i have that computer! its much slower then my 2ghz (single core) desktop!

Hrrm, I tired W7 on a P4 2.6ghz with 512mb ram and a 250gb hdd... It was slow as molasses. I've had W7 work quite nicely on newer PCs though.

The Toshiba is now running faster than it was with xp, but I think there was something wrong with it that the new OS fixed.


Really? Mine works first time every time. Keep trying it, it'll be faster than the MS website.

It works perfectly in IE! Just not in chrome.

I knew it, I knew it...

Well, it wouldn't even load the page. So I'm slightly suspicious.

I'm watching you, Gates.

Or more likely you are watching me. =O


. You have to have cookies turned on for at least live.com. Maybe more, I didn't go past that point. "Cookies must be allowed Your browser is currently set to block cookies. Your browser must allow cookies before you can use Windows Live ID. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that tell Windows Live ID sites and services when you're signed in. To learn how to allow cookies, see online help in your web browser."

Microsoft's site just starts twitching and spasming when I try to download it...probably because FF is set up not to allow malicious attacks on the computer.

Haha, nice. Someone's a microsoft fan... not!

I reset IE to its standard gullible self, and it worked....I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the OS, but I thought I should have a copy before they take it down.

Make sure yu get a key too, you need that if you want to use it for more than 30 days.

wow, works straight away, windows problem must be the srver processing sign on etc..


9 years ago

It finished downloading for me today, burnt and installed on my laptop (1.7Ghz DC, 1Gb RAM, ATi X200) It's a bit slower than XP, but it's nice, nicer than Vista. For me the Vista graphics drivers work fine.


9 years ago

its not downloading

and ie 6 cant download it,ff does nothing

Just what I expected from Microsoft.

I had to use explorer.exe to get there and download it.

I had to download silver light to get the download to work.

does anyone know of a possible release date? the only thing I can find is the beta was posted on the 7th