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Suggestions for Free 3D print ? Answered

I recently won a free 3D print for myinstructable on using hot glue as a casting material....  :D
But since I've already made an instructables robot for myself, I'd like to have some different thing as my free 3D print....

The thing has to be not more than 3"X3"X3" in size....
I've already seen some good "3-D printing"  related Instructables, But couldn't find a thing that'll fulfil the size condition...
Please give only those instructables/links which have the STL files...



Best Answer 5 years ago

A little biased and I don't know how it will turn out, mine has been shipped but hasn't come yet, but I know THIS one will fit the box. You will need two prints to get the whole thing but that's just motivation to publish another guide. ;)

Thanks!!!,... :D
I'll also just look the Thingiverse for some more models....

Good to hear some people are getting there prints. I'm still waiting for my 2 prints from the Make It Real Challenge.

They can also scale the print if you find something that's a little bigger. You can also check out Thingiverse for models.