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Suggestions for a MultiTool? Answered

I am trying to find a nice multi tool and looking for suggestions. I am cheap and would prefer ~$40 but cheaper is MUCH better. I like leather man, especially the wave but their are a little expensive(If u know where to get cheap please share). I was looking at the sog power locks and powerassists but they look alittle large and had mixed reviews (mabee later life)

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Cobalt59 (author)2011-02-16

I suggest the Leatherman Squirt.
It's good for electronics projects and small woodworking and metalworking jobs.


420HC Clip Point Knife
Spring-action Needlenose Pliers
Medium Screwdriver
Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
Wood/Metal File
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers: 20GA, 18GA, 16GA, 14GA, and 12GA
Bottle Opener

Stainless Steel with Anodized Aluminum Handle Scales
Stainless Steel Body
Outside-accessible Tools
Key Ring Attachment
Available colors: Red, Black, and Blue
25-year Warranty

2.25 in | 5.72 cm (closed)
1.9 oz | 56.4 g
1.6 in | 4.06 cm (blade length)

(taken from http://www.leatherman.com/product/Squirt_ES4)

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JavaNut13 (author)2010-05-25

One of these: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.4696

No scissors, but robust, and VERY cheap. I've got one, knife is quite sharp, saw is really good for ripping stuff up. Philips screwdriver seems to fit wide range of sizes.


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zigzagchris (author)JavaNut132010-05-29

i like the suggestion but i think i might save up a bit for the leatherman juice. Its small enough for an edc and thats what im lookin for

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orksecurity (author)2010-05-15

Same suggestions as the previous version of this question.

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