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Suggestions for automating the DVD copying process to preserve the collection? Answered

I have about 2000+  DVD movies. I want to transfer them all to my new storage system(HDDs in terabytes) as image files. I just wanted to know if there is a device which can automate this process or anything I could make to auto-feed the disks? Thanks



With a powerful enough computer, you can easily rip 2-4 dvds concurrently, each takes 10-30 minutes...Get a couple computers...network them...

Get a small child, teach them to use dvd decrypter...and get them some tv to watch in the background.

Say - "watch tv, and whenever the computer makes a noise, click okay.  The drive will eject, then you put a new disc in, and hit decrypt again!"

2000*20 minutes average = 40000 minutes = 27 days@ 1 drive...

get 16 drives going, and its only a week long project.  Buy them an xbox for their trouble.

Ingenious,lol! But I am not an instructor at some computer lab to network that much computers. And the thing about kids; you have no idea about absolute cruelty innocence brings. They will rip apart my collection in persuit of a lighter and flatter frisbee!

wrong aged child.  get them the playstation or something for their services.  Cheaper than building a robot and dev time :D

THAT IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR!! Any DIY will be really appreciated.

That's a lot of movies, do you sell DVDs by any chance?


Nope. Its just the life mission of my brother, to collect movies. We are finding it quite difficult these days to find places to hide them from marauding relatives!

Something like this?

If you google "cd duplicator" you'd find loads of instructions for the machine you'd need, you would just have to change the software so that it copied from the disks not wrote to them.