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Sunprint paper in a pinhole camera? Answered

I bought some sunprint paper  at a toy store today and I want to use it in a pinhole camera I made.

Sunprint paper is pretty much the same thing as a cyanotype, which this site says can't be used in pinhole cameras.

I've only seen evidence of sunprint paper in one place, and that was in a camera with a normal lens.

This person said they left it out for a few hours.

The only other mention I found of using sunprint paper in a pinhole camera
 had  said one day.  

Anyone think otherwise?

Thanks in advance,


(I also posted this on Flickr) 


Make a test strip :-
Place your camera facing an evenly lit scene and then slide a piece of plain dark paper over it bit by bit, say one movement per hour so you get a picture showing 1Hr, 2Hr, 3Hr . . . etc.
Develop it and see where you're getting a good image and then maybe do another strip to bracket that time for best exposure.

That idea did cross my mind, I think that's what I'll do. Thanks!

You might find this useful. Matthias Wandel took some pictures with blueprint paper and a Polaroid Land camera and wrote about it here.