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electric gun......... Safe? + airsoft Answered

could you make a coil gun, instead of shooting bolts it shoots a nail. The tip of the nail is dulled. When you fire the nail accelerates to a really fast speed, hit's an airsoft pellet, the pellet goes flying, the nail head gets stuck by a mechanism (barrier). would this be safe, or be a really really bad idea and the pellet won't get that fast. Just asking cause i've always wanted to make some sort of cool electronic gizmo shaped like a gun that does cool stuff, like a coil gun, or maybe makes stuff glow or something, I dunno, something cool ;)


it could work, but your design requires changes because 1) a nail is not a functional shape for a rail gun. the point must be completely sawed off 2) the metal has to be magnetic, but must not retain magnetic energey after firing 3) whatever stops the bolt must be able to withstand considerable force, as well as the bolt itself 4) not only do you need high value capacitors, you also need a high voltage rating. alas, your super capacitors will not work 5) you need a high voltage power supply and solenoid. if you still want to make one, i can help you, but i think a compressed air weapon would be more efficient.

I know I wouldn't use super caps. I've studdied how to make coil guns a while ago, started to make one but after something shorted out and welded some of my stuff together I got pretty scared. higher the voltage, more joules for a smaller area. Plus a stronger magnet field for a shorter time. maybe an ion gun (no clue what it does, but looks cool) or stuff like that might be cool.

you could make a plasma launcher. the idea is the expanding plasma from a high voltage spark pushes a projectile out of the barelle with considerabel force. why did you get scared? and how did stuff get welded?

well, instead of making a coilgun maybe you could just use a solenoid. The problem i see is that the metal object or nail in this case has to usually be in a certain place around the coil for it to work i believe so how would you return it to that spot?

thats not cool enough. you cant go up to a girl and impress them by saying: i have a 12 volt airsoft gun youd have better luck saying: i have a 10000 joule airsoft cannon. see my point? besides, rail guns are fun and cool.

Yes, yes you could accomplish this. In a hypothetical world. I'm not sure if it would be effective for your intentions. I'm sure your familiar with the impressive nature of compressed air... A hand pump and 600PSI of compressed air could make one hellava ray gun... And alot less dangerous if correct saftey procautions are taken.