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Super cooled Water Answered

Hey all, I wasn't able to find where a short discussion about Super cooled water was posted not long ago, and I wanted to relate this incident; so if I get no replies, that is ok. I just thought it was kind of neat the way this occurred.

Last night, well, I guess it was actually this morning ( 00:30 ), I left work and went to my car, got myself situated, and before driving off, I grabbed a bottle of water that was in the cup holder. I distinctly remember shaking it to make sure the water was NOT frozen. I also took note that the bottle was partially imploded; something I would have expected as the temp was down to about 17 o F.
When I opened the bottle, put it to my mouth and tilted it, the unexpected happened. Between the moment of releasing the vacuum that had formed and my trying to drink from the bottle ( about 3 seconds), the water froze to a Slushy consistency. For a moment I was perplexed why I was getting no water in my mouth, and then it slid from the bottom, and it stopped at the neck of the bottle.
I had forgotten that this could happen. I must have sat there looking at it for a good 2 minutes trying to get something out of the bottle, when I thought I would blow some warm air into it. The bottle inflated slightly, and the air passed by the slush, and when I released, I got a face full of slush. I had to laugh at myself all the way after that little incident.



10 years ago

Here's a very nice demonstration of this:

Yes, it is very similar to what my Dad did unintentionally, when he would open the beer with the Pull tab (remember those tabs that some people would plunk back into the can ?) the release of pressure also released the CO2 and the same effect was achieved, but he didn't have a clue as to what was happening back then :-)

how do you do this?

well, what I described came about completely by accident. About half a litre of water was left out in the car, and about an hour before I was to leave work, the temp dropped to about 22oF outside. This created a vacuum inside the bottle since the air become cold and condensed.
This then kept the water from freezing right away. When I went out, the water, unfrozen, was probably about 28oF, but when I opened the bottle, the vacuum was released (air rushed in) and the water then partially froze because of its already below freezing point temp.

Easy Bar tricks shows how to do it with a beer.

After I thought about it a bit, I remember way back when my Dad would stick one in the freezer (when he didn't have one in the fridge)....for a few minutes....but sometimes he'd forget, but not long enough for it to freeze.....until he opened it. Baffled him to no end :-)

Ack, now I am repeating myself *sigh*

We used to do that with glass bottles of apple juice, we'd put them in the freezer until they were throughly chilled, I think because they were so filtered there were no nuclei for crystals to form , open the top and instant crystallization, that ended when we forgot one, mom was pissed.

Yeah, I remember my Dad, when he would put a beer in the freezer (if he had no cold ones) for a "few minutes". If he left them a wee bit too long, once he opened it, he had to wait for the "thaw" :-)

Christ, it must be colder over there than it is here, and were famous for shite weather!

At that time of the "morning", yeah it is cold. Temps can drop between 15-30o F overnight.

yeah, I wish ther was some more snow though. No one can go skiing!

A few more days of these temps though and Ice skating on ponds will be possible :-)

It just really freaked me out, seeing I was already kind of sleepy and all. But later I thought it was really cool (in several ways LOL) .