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Supercard Flashcart Help Answered

I'm currently looking at a Supercard DS Two flashcard to run backup roms on my ds (instead of lugging all my originals around). But I here a lot of new games such as Super Scribblenauts and Force Unleashed II won't play on most cards. Anyone here have a DS Two card and if so what is game compatibility like for new games on this cart? I really want to play these games and have them all in one place as I travel a lot with my ds. All help appreciated. 



5 years ago

Supercard dstwo has near-perfect game compatibility, and it is the best of best flash cart i've used, it also has built-in SNES and GBA emulators and supports the latest dsi and 3ds firmware updates.

If you have the DSL console, not the DSi or 3DS, if you only want to play those games, i suggest you buy a R4 ds orginal cardinstead, But if you want to enjoy more nice features, yeah, the DSTwo is the best flashcart of course, i buy DStwo flashcart from dsflashcart site (see t he attached link), which is working great, i am sure DStwo can play all the games you metioned, and another, you also need to get a SD card to store those games.

I got an R4 clone(standard) about two years ago and it still works with new roms(I have an original NDS). Just look on the modding sites for reviews.

check the manufacturer/scene forums to see if people have had success with it -- you're more likely to find someone who has tried it there. (don't get me wrong, if someone here knows, they'll tell you, but probability is low they have one)