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Support Star by buying a t-shirt Answered

Star needs help covering her court fees for the "hoax device" that she was wearing. You can either send her money by paypal directly or you can buy a shirt and $5 of the proceeds will go to Star.

If your order is over $15, you can get $5 off by using this coupon: SPREADSHIRT3000

Since the lightweight shirts are cheaper, I bumped the price up a bit so you could use the coupon for one shirt. You save money and another $1 goes to Star.

Let me know if there are other shirt styles that you want. Or you can design your own shirt by clicking the "Create and Sell a t-shirt with this design" button. Be aware that it may not look so hot on a colored shirt since it's a digital transfer.

click here to donate directly
click here to see the shirts


Darn, and my subscription to 2600 is running out this paycheck too....I am still hoping for a windfall somewhere LOL

Still working on saving for it (now you know how strapped I am LOL)

well the person at the top have nice t-shirt

[url=http://www.oil-paintings-reproductions.com/oil-paintings-reproductions.asp?painter=Claude%20Monet][b]monet oil reproductions[/b][/url]

GOT MINE IN THE MAIL 2 DAYS AGO! Here's a pic of the happy customer! ;)


need $15... must have one. next week looking for a job so hopefully soon.


10 years ago

Print your own "Star Device" ? Or with a catchy slogan? (print on "dark background" T-shirt paper, I think. Is that an option for the spreadshirt folk?) (consider the pictures donated to the cause...)


Cool stuff. Printing on a dark background is a little complicated. Since it's a digital transfer there is a limit to how thin any piece of the design can be. Everything has to be at least .06 inches thick. And even then there might be a white border. They're still working out the kinks.

Yeah--there is a difference between white and transparent. You could make the background transparent, and keep the white lettering. Or add a stroke (outline) color on the letters, so they print on a light or a dark shirt...


10 years ago

Posted a link form my blog using the image (if that ok?) come this Monday (payday) ill be ordering one if not more!

Nice design you have a vector file for it or did you make it using a pixel pusher :P


Cool! Blogging about it is great. It's a vector file. I did it in Illustrator.

Added a picture of Mitch wearing an iron-on prototype.

Ok good, hopefully the t-shirts stay on sale long enough so I can get some extra cash.

A question....what does "AA brand" mean ?

I am going to see what I can scrounge up money-wise. It has been a little tight around here lately with all the medical bills, etc. from growing old...*sigh*

How long do you think they will be available? I definitely want one, but it may be a bit (payday is a week and a half away *sigh*)

There's no timeline for them. Since I'm not making them they can be up indefinitely.

Thanks....let me see what I can squeeze out of the budgie, er I mean the budget.

Don't you worry bout the bills..I'll buy a Save Goodhart t-shirt anytime.. : - )

Thanks, but I am not so sure if it would work well. I sometimes think I married a "black hole" (the celestial anomaly) since money falls into and it disappears forever, never to return LOL

American Apparel. Its just who makes the T-shirt. Its higher quality.

Ok, I thought is would be something like that, but I was not able to put A & A together as it were. Thanks.

The coupon won't work for me, but I'm buying one regardless. :D

Hmm, I see what you mean:

This coupon can only be used for items from shop .

It's an odd quirk for the coupon and needs to be used in a specific way. The new link should work. Also, this way you can use the design to custom-make the shirt the way you want it.

I'm sending my shirt money directly... Shirts are cool and all, but for me, it's better spent when more goes to the cause :) I'd be up for printing a iron on transfer (if I can dig up some transfer sheets :p) :)

Well I wanted to make one, but when I approached the mother about finding a blank shirt, she says "I don't think dad would want you to wear that." What a freedom hater...

What a freedom r...

Hehe, gave me a good chuckle. Sucks about the shirt, though.


10 years ago

As it is, 13 apparently is too young to buy stuff online, though if you could sell them through Amazon, I would definitely buy on, using my Gift Certificate from the Science Fair contest. Great idea, love the logo.

I would definitely buy one, but I only have $1.97 on my allowance card. Hopefully my mom can add some allowance to it so I can purchase one. I love them!

normally i would buy one accept that i don't have money right now. i think i might try to print out the image and make an iron on. i know i wouldn't be helping her financially but it would still inform people about the problem

Thanks for reminding me. I meant to put that file up as well. Print out that PDF on a transfer sheet and you're good.