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Surface Mount LEDs Answered

I need almost 200 SMLEDs for a project. However, I only want 6 colors of 36 each. If anyone wants to buy the extra 300, or something like that, please make an offer. I will get 6 from this list, but I need them all to look different enough: White Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Green Blue Green Blue UV Or, if anyone knows a place where I can buy them in small quantities, please let me know :-)



11 years ago

What size SMT LED? I bet you could buy a bunch of one of the rarer colors and trade them for the more common colors.... (Hmm. I don't know that I've seen SMT LEDs in true green or blue green; are you sure you have a source for those?) You can also consider making your own colored LEDs using the UV as a base, with assorted fluorescent paints...

Yes, I have a source for them. And I really don't mind what colors they are, as long as I get 6 different colors. I don't care about the size much, as long as they are relativity small. I would pick based on my customer or whatever :-)

Or, If anyone wants to buy 6 rolls of 3,000-4,000 minus the said 40 from each, or the other way around, that may be better/worse. :-D