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Surfer Bracelet Knot ? Answered

Hello everyone, I am trying to find out how to tie the surfer braclet knot ? Many thanks in advance..


See this pic.....


Are there any tutorials (YouTube or step by step) on making these "Surfer or Tribal Bracelets". I've looked and can't find anything.

The part you've circled doesn't look like a knot, just a wrap, or maybe a simple whipping.

The smaller knots look like clove hitch or a constrictor knot.

Hi there, many thanks, but it's neither of those. This is a wrap as you say, but it holds together the various strands, so it seems to be a wrap that is pulled tight ?

Do the ends of the cord disappear under the coils? That makes it a very simple whipping.

Kiteman, any idea where I can see how the whipping is done ? I've tried to google it, but I just literally get 'whips'..lol

My go-to website for knotting is Grog's Knots.

Here is their "rope care" page, which is what whipping is actually for.

You could simply use a thicker paracord instead of the thin thread or twine, and add fewer wraps.

MANY THANX Kitemen, this looks exactly like what I am looking for !! I will use waxed cord over leather...have the greatest day !! Theresa