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Sawzall Blade Survival Knife? Answered

Hey Everybody!
I've been looking around and I've found many people who have made knives out of hacksaw blades, but I was wondering if it could be done with a Sawzall blade too.
If I used a woodcutting Sawzall blade, then the knife could probably go through a limb of a tree faster, and then I could sharpen up the other non-cutting side, and add a handle of some sort, maybe out of paracord or Sugru. Add a Kydex sheath, and its pure DIY-ed.

What do you all think?
Would the Sawzall blade be sharp enough to cut a piece of wood with your arm (as opposed to the rpm of a Sawzall motor)?
Would the Sawzall blade take an edge on the back?
Would this be worth my time?

Thank you!!!


You could always make one to find out. In practicality, it would work in a survival situation but it would take a lot of repetitive work to cut through wet wood or big pieces. The advantage of a real knife is that it is rigid enough and has some heft to hack off bits of wood. Make one and try it out on a coconut. You need a stiff blade to pry or jab or pick at the pieces. The tiny teeth on a sawzall blade does get dull relatively easy. Only the teeth edge is treated or hardened. A sharp knife edge on the other edge might not last long. It may be good for only one shave in the woods.

This has already been done. Follow the link and see.  Of course it hasn't been posted on this site yet so it could be a nice instruct able for you to make and share with the rest of us.