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Sustainable living made easy Answered

Sustainable living is easy and cost-free if we can only open our eyes and look around us. They are many things which we can make use of and make them into beautiful items. It would be ace with these items are useful too. Please support this cause by frequenting our site and even donating. www.projectfidgetyfingers.blogspot.com


I'm a Architecture student for the university of calgary . My class and I have been working on a social housing project. the web site is

check it out.

Very pretty blog, but I have to ask - will you be selling the items in the picture or teaching us how to make them? I'm mostly interested in the second option. :D

Hi Jessy, thanks for your interest. The items are going to be for sale. We are going to get the under-privileged to make them. This will work like make trade fair where they earn a substantial amount of profit. We will be posting instructions for some of the simpler items. You can let us know which you are interested in.

So, those are made out of wood that is going to be discarded, right? Not that trees were cut down for just this.

I think they're made from magazines, actually. It seems that most of the site is magazine craft, which is pretty neat. :) And Suzene - I'll take instructions for any of those! All the projects are really nice looking. :D

Oh, sorry I took "tree rings" at face value without investigating further.....my mistake, and apologies offered to those due them.