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Swagbucks account trade off for ebay gift card! Answered

Okay I live in Poland and I took part in swagbucks.com and earned 749 swagbucks...but then I found out that only US residents can buy stuff from those swagbucks...so I decided to do this!

Okay now all you need to do is send me a message with an ebay gift card code (Make sure they gift card code is worth 5$ or more)
Then as soon as I receive that I will then message the password and username of the swagbucks account and use the swagbucks to buy something!

I have 749 swagbucks...which means with it wou will be able to buy :

Amazon 5$ gift cards : 450 swagbucks each
Paypal 5$ cash : 700 swagbucks
Many other 5 - 20 dollar gift cards

You can even buy other stuff and not just gift cards! But they only ship to the US or UK or Canada, but the good thing is that shipping is free!

Here is the link to the website :


So go there now and have a look at what all you can get for 700 swagbucks, and if you like it then just send me the gift card code for a 5$ or more ebay gift card and then I will send you the username and password for the account!

Thanks in advance!


the only problem is that it is hard for some one to start selling with out any rep if you do get an account you would have to buy a couple of things just to get a good rep, but really whats the point you will be speding money perhaps craigs list might be better for what you are trying to do.

you can buy some of those .99 cents items available and get some rep

yeah...but I don't really want to sell anything on ebay just yet...

Oh I get it now! You mean reputation...maybe you are right...none will trust me just yet...oh well...just need to wait....

rep is reputation is your feed back on ebay when you are selling buying is a ranking system to validate what type of buyer seller you are.

Or, you could send somebody the swagbucks code, and then trust them to send you the ebay codes...

The safest, most reliable thing to do is to create yourself an ebay account, then sell the swagbucks on ebay for actual cash.

yeah...but I don't really want to...I guess I will just trust the person with it....

Ok so whoever wants to have a go at this trade just tell me and I will send you the username and password and then you can send me the ebay gift code! :)