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Switching the input to my speakers with a flick of a switch? Answered

I have my 360 hooked up to my computer LCD as I don't have a regular HD TV and this is the next best thing. With my speaker system I normally have my speakers hooked into my PC sound card. What I think is getting a jack extender. Like it has a jack that plugs into my sound card and then I can plug a cord from my speakers into that so I could easily switch between my xbox and PC by just swapping cables. But I would like to make a little switch box so I can keep both of the plugged in and just hit a little switch and change them.


for best audio quality four spdt switches, solder the corresponding leads like so _________PC to sound system ________. \_________Xbox Repeat this for each set of wires, they're all the same one going to the switch like grounds or whatever. Then solder/glue a bar across all switches to make the switch work, though by flicking half of them you could have one speaker playing the PC and the other playing the Xbox... I think... If you're good at electronics then you may be able to figure out a way of using transitors or possibly thyristors to switch with a single switch. Failing that use an audio splitter in reverse and unplug one lead to make the switch, these cost very little and it may let you combine the sounds.. not sure what yould happen there...

or just do what I said with grounds, no current will flow without a ground.

But there'd be a difference due to the fact there's still another devices ground, not sure whether anything would change or not...

I don't think so, I think it'd be similar to this: Take an led or light bulb or whatever. Take 2 batteries (well maybe 4 to get a red led lighting up, I'll say 2 to keep it simple) attach one end of the bulb to the + of battery A. attach the other end of the bulb to the - of battery B. It doesn't light up, same principal here.

Actually yes that works I forgot my physics for a second, it's the fact that the electrons coming from negative must equate to the same number going in to positive at the end of the circuit in a closed cicuit... or something, my tech teacher was never in and hated me... spent the whole year in a daze or high then got 99% in the exams.

. Unless you plan on using both at the same time, why not just hook both straight to the speakers? . If you want to be able to switch, all you need is a DPDT switch (common ground, only switch the "+" sides), a small hobby box, some shielded cable, and the appropriate connectors (RCA phono?). . With multiple DPDTs, you can have as many inputs as you want.

But I would like to make a little switch box so I can keep both of the plugged in and just hit a little switch and change them.

Sounds like an idea worth pursuing.

I know, I just don't know what kind of switch to use. I am not very experienced with electronics I can solder a circuit and basic things but that's about it.


I think this'll work. Take a spdt switch (the kind that has 3 leads), and solder the audio ground of your speakers to the middle lead (aka Common). on one side of the switch hook up you computer audio ground and on the other lead xbox audio ground. attach all the lefts together and all the rights together. I'm not sure if this will have an effect on audioquality, I'd try using jacks so if it doesn't work you can just unplug it.

thats probably the best and easyest idea. if you want to use 4 switches, you can always ring a metal bar that trips all switches at once, like in old airplanes.

Ok my diagram doesn't work when put up, you could use the Y splitter and a mechanical switch, just a little box holding the jacks and a little lever that pulls one in/one out, no soldering needed. No really fiddly work needed.

there is an instuctable on how to make a switch like that