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Symbols Chart Answered

Is there a chart that describes what all the symbols stand for example, in the screen shot there is a yellow badge on the lower right.



5 years ago

The Vcc, GND, RxD, XTALn, PAn and PDn designations are pretty standard in the English domain
But each Co. makes its own ADC control analog, interrupt, and software  nomenclature.

Is your background in the sciences ?


Thanks for the input. Are you talking about:

in the screen shot there is a yellow badge on the lower right.

The same as i am?

OMG I'm fully whacked

Sorry, No I was talking EE symbols.

I do owe you a big thank you for the smile on my face this morning.
Your still number 1 in my book.

Your very kind..

I had traced the holders of what Anubis calls "contest winner" and
resembles a "win cup" to be weekly promotions or front page.

Although a winner would certainly have been in a weekly or front page promotion.


I have a correction. Two of my instructables were entered into contests, and only one remains as a finalist, and has the "cup" icon. So if an instructable is entered into a contest, the icon might be on the page until the contest goes into judging and only remains if it's a finalist as the alt text says. Attached is a screen shot using the developer tool Firebug in Firefox (which is what I do for a living.) You can see the same scouring the source code via View Source on any given page.

An aside, the alt attribute is a required (X)html attribute for images as alternate text for devices that don't display images, and is often (incorrectly) not used at all. Fortunately on this site it's correctly used and can provide clues to iconography, but most people wouldn't know to look for it.


Well that seams to confirm what the symbol stands for.
Thanks AnubisAndlsis.

I am still somewhat confused, If you look at the questions page there is no badge there.

The only place it can be seen is here.

Seems like there should be some kind of reference to it in my ibbles page, or am i just not seeing it?

Phew, ya got me on that one. In this case they are using the image as a background image on an element (the purplish area in the attached) which is different than a direct assignment to an image element. It **seems** to indicate it's a CSS class for an award winning "answer" - did you receive such a credential?

It may be that in this revision of the site, they overlooked the assignment of that selector - easy to do on large sites. It may be an oversight on the developer's part. I'd bring it up to support.


You are correct i did now in fact receive an email saying it was a winning question and also i suspect you are correct on the update oversight. I cannot see anywhere it is logged for reference.

My last answer should of been split up as the first part was for you and the remainder i was actually hoping Kiteman or some other staff would chime in on this.

BTW I like your ibbles. Good work!


Good finding nice display..

BTW liking  your page.


haha . . I was wondering how long it would be before someone drew that one out. Another indicator of the importance of imagery and how we react to it from general to specific. :-)

Good point, iconography is not as universal as the originator might think it is. :-) The ALT tag for that image says "contest winner" but it's true meaning is "entered into a contest." (When used as navigation elements it's called "Mystery Meat Navigation") The one with a star is Featured. That's all I got. :-)

Thanks for the comment.
So it is supposed to mean - entered in a contest - ?


I am pretty sure it does, it's on the two I've entered but not the third and neither has won. Yet. One can hope. :-)

Now that i look a little deeper both my contest entries don't have the golden badge. The golden badge screen shot was from a question a had asked. But its not always visible, depends what direction you start at to look at the question