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Symbols in Word 2003 and up? Answered

Used to have word '2000'. It was easy to allocate symbols, like 'degree', (small circle in uppercase). I used to allocate <alt>D for this symbol. Now I have a newer version (2003, really HATED the Word 'Vista' version...)!  But it seems hard to allocate any shortcuts for symbols now... People, please tell me how to do it..., otherwise I will delete it (again...). The 2003 Office Suite, to be replaced by the decade old ' Office' version???

Please don't tell me the buggy old 'open office' is better... Just put it on your USB stick...

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Mike73Best Answer (author)2010-12-07

If you go to "Insert" and then select "Symbol" in the dropdown, you get the symbol-selector.
The selected symbol is highlighted and right above the "insert" button you'll find the currently active key-combination. An upside down exclamation mark would be ALT+CTRL+!
You can also change the key-shortcut in this menu.

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rocketsurgery (author)2010-12-07

Hey BobS,

Adding a shortcut to Word 2003 is pretty straight forward. Simply select insert-symbol... select the symbol you want (say the degree sign) and click the shortcut button... then press your shortcut (Alt-D)... and click assign... you can also assign an auto-correct (by pressing the auto-correct button instead of shortcut) so every time you type a certain string of characters and press space it will turn into the symbol you want.

There are a lot of guides for this sort of stuff on the web... so next time I'm sure you would be better off by googling your question first.

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BobS (author)rocketsurgery2010-12-07

So nothing changed! I used to do this all the time, and had built up a range of often used symbols, like degree, Euro and some Greek symbols.

This was the first time I needed the degree symbol since installing W7 and office 2003 on my replacement HDD after a crash this summer.... I just forgot how to do it!!!

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