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System shuts down while use OCCT Answered

 hey guys, my canola oil submerged pc system seems to shut down every time i use OCCT to get my system really working hard, i can tell you whats not the problem, Fresh Os (since last month), Not Overheating definitly. theres nothing wrong with my pc that i found so far other then running OCCT maybe i should try another stress test software? 

Anyone wondering what the deuce a "Canola oil subermeged pc" is check here:

also for system spec if your wondering


i know it wasnt overheating cause the oil was still pretty cold, must be ghosts in the machine lol

How do you judge "Not overheating definitely"?
OCCT is obviously over-stressing the machine, but some specific temp' readings would be good to know.


Could be a simple system crash, happens with some benchmarkers... Try and wrap your head round why I have a belkin wifi dongle that makes my computer click off after around a minute, and get in to a constant reboot loop where the power supply cuts out then ignores the BIOS setup and boots the computer anyway - Doesn't happen with anything but that and only does it happen on that computer...

Sometimes ghost in the machine's the best guess... 

 yep seems to be just OCCT wierd lol, 3dmark worked fine, but my system isnt overclocked at all other then my geforce 6200 oc which came overclocked.

.  If you are overclocking you could be running into CPU and/or RAM timing problems.
.  I'd definitely try at least one other "stress" app.