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TBAG Answered

Alright, well here's the gun I was talking about in my other thread. I'm doing pretty good, I actually got you guys a thread out the day after making the weapon. The name? It stands for TheDunkis' Bad A** Gun. Obviously, it doesn't mean worth crud. I just made it work out so it'd have the acronym TBAG =P. 

It's a rather basic weapon. It ties with the BAW for my favorite weapon based around simplicity. I decided to scrap the removable magazine idea and just make it breach load. You can chamber a round directly so you can fire it like a single shot or you can continue to force rounds in to load the magazine. It has a charging "handle" in the side of the stock. And then of course I have the optional sight that I made and never wanted to take apart. Y'know how hard it was getting the little suckers to bend into the connectors like that?

The main feature of this gun though is its ability to fire multiple rounds of a new ammo I've been experimenting with. They're not made of K'nex. Rather, they're pen ink cartridges from those bigger, more expensive kind that I can't remember the name of. They're almost the exact same diameter as K'nex rods. They're rather lightweight but, like oodammo, the majority of the weight is focused on the front. It's also somewhat pointy so it's just a tad more aerodynamic and fun to shoot into objects =P. They're very accurate and stable without the use of fins or anything so they get decent range. Obviously I wouldn't fire them at a living thing but it did give me the idea of using some sort of foam armor or something so that you could keep track of hits and such.

Anyways, I like the feel of it. It's rather balanced and compact enough without being awkward to handle. I'm probably going to tape the handle. Expect a video tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'll post but might do it this weekend if I have the time.


Got any more pics of this gun?

Long since destroyed, bud. I had plans at improving the base design to use normal ammo but never was satisfied with the results.

What is the trigger mech on this? And if you would please check to see if you have any more pics of this gun hidden away. I really hope you do and if you could, it would be really nice if you could rebuild this and take some more pics, but I know you're busy so if you can't that's ok too.

The trigger was pretty simple, but I don't care for it now since building it because it just barely meshed so the trigger was prone to unmeshing itself when you pushed the trigger too far. I'll think about making a new gun using a similar but improved design to this one, mkay? I've just not been in the mood for building lately, I'll get to it soon, though.

Yeah, I'll make another breach-loader eventually. I wanted to replace my BAW but I don't exactly know what to do. I wanted to find a new method of separating the barrel from the magazine to load bullets individually to increase power.

Well let me know when you do or if you find more pics of this.

Alright, I'm at a loss for ideas so any suggestions are welcomed.

Make a gun with a swiveling stock.  The stock can fold over onto the top of the barrel.

That would be reasonable. Though I'd also like a gun to put it on. I tried a folding gun that would be more compact than SK's and a lot better than my first one but I just can't get it to work right.

You could try an MP7 or a TMP; I'd like to see a decent handle-mag weapon with a trigger behind the handle.

Hmm I suppose. Removable magazine though? It could be done but then it'd be uncomfortable handle.

I suppose it could be tricky because of the width the handle would have to be.  Maybe a non-removable mag with a speed-loader that can clip onto the bottom?

Ah, so kind of like my Mac except have the loader loaded with ammo as well? What ammo would you prefer? Green rods or dark greys?

I would prefer dark greys really, they're more accurate.

Alright. I'll try something if I have the spare time today.

Make rails for it, or make a hand guard instead of the trigger guard.

Ah... I see. You could still use my ideas, on whatever you make.


its gone.
"I meant for a new gun entirely. I scrapped this already."

Lol after you fake kill someone in a knex war and they fake die, you can stand over their body and crouch and uncrouch like in video games with this gun.

I don't think you'd be willing to let me do that to you though, DJ, as much as I want to though.


8 years ago

FAIL title

A fail for a fail makes the world go LOL.


The charging handle doesn't push forward after it's primed?

Nah, I didn't really feel up to making the charging handle separate from the firing pin.

I really like the handle. And also that it shoots some-what lethal ammo.  :-)

nice but not very logical ammo.

This plus white morphsuits would make wars more fun.  And more painful.

 I wanted KSC so add to his thunder bolt collection, and make a Thunder Bolt Assault Gun (TBAG)... but I guess you have already taken the name now :P

Actually the original idea was I was going to make a Bolt Action gun a long time ago and call it the TBAG but I never made one that I liked enough. I'm still thinking about making one but I just barely have the pieces to do so.

Hey sorry but I'm scrapping the gun. I noticed a pretty substantial flaw in the back of the gun that would ruin the barrel. The ammo doesn't work exactly how I want it to though it may be because of it being fired directly from a magazine. I like the handle, trigger, and barrel though so I may improve them and put them into a new gun.

Can you still post some internal pics, so we can still mod it to our liking?