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TBMBRM86 (the burrito master battle rifle M86) Answered

this is my most recent gun the TBMBRM86 (the burrito master battle rifle M86) not shown in the picture because I had to break it for top thrill dragster is a slide that would push the ram back. this piece can also be used as a spring loaded knife for melee attacks. shoots very reliably and very powerfully if you dont use the ram and hold the trigger down you can empty the mag in 7-10 seconds. the trigger guard is the best partit makes it feal so realistic. I was trying to make this gun look sorta alien. obviously I haven't finished some of the decor. I will admit that i got the open bottom magazine idea from iac but I made sure that I only got the idea and built every thing by myself. requests on attachments are very welcome.


Looks like the BBKWG.

Yeah, a lot of guns are better than the BBKWG and it's sequal. Mine shot about five feet :(. Oh, and the original barely got the round out of the barrel.

Sigh...Another bbkwg look-a-like.

no because this one works...better no offense. it cant look much different if I'm not gonna make it a rifle...

Well, you could make a mag that does actually have a middle, instead of the the open mag. You could make a different type of handle, and a different hand guard. I doubt it works better, considering its almost the exact same thing aside from the rods it shoots. I'm just pointing out that this gun isn't very original.

if I remember correctly your firs bbkwg had a closed mag if I'm copying any on it's IaC. I'm not going to change the mag because I'm not going top down grade the gun just because you thing it looks similar. every gun has the same handle... hand guard will most likely be changed considering I have only just finished the main gun...

then it wouldnt matter if he made it an open or closed mag.

I think it's time for a new monitor for you computer. LOL


9 years ago

is it done yet and can you post it? seems like a pretty nice gun that could kill someone with a green beam-like substance lol

it does look alienish if ya ask me

im kinda dumb right now but where is the mag located?

looks EXACTLY like I_am_canadians compact ast pistol

Need more pics, other than that, sweet rifle! Is the handle comfy?

yes. don't forget I made it. lol I was the one that started the comfy handle thing. I took those angles so people couldn't build it >:) untill I get an instructable :)

I could build this from those two pics, but most pics I can't build from... Strange huh?

This isn't a battle rifle... Is it? Either way looks cool.

If you've seen halo the little plasma gun that looks like a pistol is called the plasma rifle and this is meant to be like a futuristic gun. Another way it sort of cheats the title is it does use a high caliber that of which knex rifles mainly use. It's as if you cut off the entire barrel and stock leaving just the bare working parts. In reality this would be stupid but knex is able to get away with it.

Looks pretty good but it's just too much like IaC's so unless you add some other great feature to drastically improve the whole assault pistol design I wouldn't say it's postable but it's your gun, your computer and camera, your time.

I know it's very similar but I have added a few extra features. I only saw iaC's once and I then I got an idea when I was trying to build a shot gun. how much different can you make a gun that's built with this kind of barrel when it's only 3 wide.

Im not saying it has been done, but it will always make a gun better. Nothing is more needed on the battlefield than a coke.

haven't you seen?! The MP7 is the greatest gun for that sole reason. Have you not seen the tactical drink version in that one review?!

1. Slide. Definite step up to IaC's if you do that 2. Go for what Bakenbitz tried on his assault pistol and making either an extending or flip out stock. It would make the gun more bulky but it could be just an option attachment for others. 3. There is always some basic thing you can improve such as a safety mech. 4. Try my idea and make an adjustable site for longer distances. The back site can slide upwards making you line up the front site by tilting the gun higher such as that on some of the AKs.