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Hello I am looking for the most accessible, cheapest, hottest burning, most efficient fuel and maybe even environmentally friendly. And what would be already in my house(and NO I AM NOT MODIFYING MY NATURAL GAS PIPES).So post what you think. I usually burn fuels in those little pop can stoves, and in my pyrotechnics. Thats Not My Stove. But Its VERY similar.


The most environmentally friendly would of course be H2 but that is hardly cheap, and not really that hot burning, but the exhaust is water vapor :-)

Yeah if the exhaust landed on the fire id be screwed !

But that is almost always true you know. The output of gasoline (particulates, CO2 & CO), would tend to put "the fire out" if redirected full force over the "flame" as it were.

Makes sense though, being that if those things burned, they wouldn't be left to exhaust.

Yep, unless the engine is not running efficiently (the reason for so many devices to return unburned gas to the engine).

Those little stoves burn best on light-molecule fuels like ethanol and methanol ("denatured alcohol"). Gasoline might do it, but the fumes are a major safety concern. Otherwise, try paraffin, vegetable oil or even a light wax if you have a decent wick material. In pyrotechnics, go for black powders and similar stuff.

you cannot buy ethanol. the closest you can get is E85 (85% ethanol) stick with alcohol or propane.

> you cannot buy ethanol. . Huh? Ethanol is readily available in my area (Southern US).

Yeah you can buy it I buy it in small bottles at shoppers drug mart ! The lady at the till looks at me funny when I'm buying like 20 of these bottles. I think its called Rubbing Alcohol Compound. And on the back it says 95% Ethanol and that is good enough for me.

yeah. not automotive grade. anyhow, you still cannot get pure ethanol ANYWHERE. 2 reasons why: 1) is pure alcohol (moonshine) 2) pure alcohol burns in daylight with a TRANSPARENT flame. unless you hear it or feel the heat, you would not know that puddle you spilled is on fire.

. Everclear is 190 proof (95%) - close enough. I've even used Bacardi 151 in small alcohol burners in a pinch.
. I walked into a small methanol fire one time ... my pants cuffs caught on fire. That stuff burns HOT! LOL

95 is close, but not pure (didnt i say this before?) and ethanol does burn very hot.

50/50 will typically burn just fine, actually. So 95% sounds pretty reasonable to me. I use everclear for cooking, and jungle juice. (don't like the taste of Vodka). But it's an excellent choise for alcohol based feuls, and not too expensive. Though, if you can find the 95% rubbing alcohol, like littlechef mentioned, it'd be much cheaper. They actually have that at the Fry's around here (Tucson, AZ) for about $.90-1.20. Fry's is Kroger, for you East Coasters, so they might have it too.

Ive tried paraffin and it didn't work well. So I doubt canola will work... Usually I use this stuff u can buy at shoppers drug mart Its got like 95% ethanol in it .... How can I explain my pyro techniques. PAINT.... that awesome little program!

My pyro tequeniques actually use the same fuel as the stoves. and to make them i just drill allot of holes in the bottom of a soup can and then put one of these stoves at the bottom of the can. And put one with holes only drilled in the center (there both filled with fuel by now) on the top. poor some in the bottom on the can throw a penny on the to or better yet a townie. and LIGHT IT and it shoots flames in the air. Maybe I will make an instructable on it when i stop melting the cans and blowing them up ! Just so you know when they go off its not like BOOM and its over ITS BOOM BIG FLAME little flame and then its gone. Kinda like at an Ozzy Ozborne concert. ( I really hope i didn't spell Ozborne wrong.)

OK I am done typing now

propanes kinda hot, and reallyreallyreally cheap.

PROPANE would be dangerous in my hands! Maybe ill try it...(THINKING BUBBLES)..BOOM there goes the earth. HMM ILL TRY IT. But Thanks. ALL COMMENTS APRECIATED

Hide behind a wall when you experiment. Shrapnel hurts. x.x

well you could grow spud or something in your garden then ferment them with yeast and distill some good ole fashioned pocheen, well moonshine in this case because you would be removing all the potato matters and keeping the first round of distlling... there's eco freindly, and after the first run you could distill using the 'shine for fuel for distilling, it's a self sustaining fuel source... Or go to the shop and buy denatured alcohol/isopropyl alcohol (isopropyl also means diy vodka, seriously on that score, as it has all methanol etc removed. and is 99.98% pure, don't believe me? Pick up some really really cheap nasty vodka like tescos own brand and look at the ingredients on the back (for a start real vodka doesn't have ingredients as such and doesn't need glycerine to keep it from going wierd...)

Isopropyl alcohol really isn't the same as drinking alcohol. It's actually a completely different alcohol otherwise known as isopropanol. If I recall correctly it has another carbon group over your bog standard ethanol. It's probably not a good idea to drink industrial solvents. As for the glycerin, that's added for the purposes of texture. If it wasn't there your cheap vodka would just be a bit more watery than normal. As a side note, cheap vodkas are normally made (in the UK at least) from surplus grain whiskey from the manufacture of dirty blended whiskey. It's simply re-distilled until it's a neutral spirit, then water is added to lower the ABV.

Hmmm the stuff we were using was under a trade name so it may have been isopropyl group, it was strangely enough drinkable safely when diluted, a guy at the work made his own vodka with the stuff and drank alot of it, he was fine but it definitely had a harder effect on him... It was clear for being used on alot of stuff but I'lll check and see exactly what it is, I've to pick some stuff up from there, I wouldn't be planning on drinking it, one hot day my dad and I were working in the container and forgot to close the barrel as we were cleaning with it and both ended up completely wasted, it's scary stuff.

I tried making Ethanol with crab apples. I didn't get very much and at the most its only 40 %. But I don't have a still YET!

*laughs maniacally a still would be handy and you'd get the most alcohol out of it because you're making fuel so non of the more poisonous distillates need to be wasted...

Well, for the burner you have there, I suggest denatured alcohol. Otherwise, propane is your best bet.