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THE SHOW Answered

I just love the show. It is brilliant. Adam is really funny, and Jamey is always serious, they make one good team. I really liked the new episode "lead balloon myth"... Tell me something you like in the show, what is your favorite myth they busted, what do you think about the junior mythbusters???


 who saw when torry and grant got really drunk

me that was so funny my normal stick in the mud dad loled when grant barfed as soon as he sat in the barf chair i dont know what else to call it

and when tori jumped off his wall and almost broke his neck

remember that massive lego ball that was awesome and guest starring my fave artist nathan sawaya

Go Mythbusters, but I can think of two myths that they messed up: 1. Bullet in the oven: They put 1 bullet into the oven and it only shattered 1 of the two panes of glass. What if the guy stored hundreds of bullets in there? They could easily break through both panes and kill the guy. 2. Golf ball through the tree: Just because a golf ball cannot make it through a tree 90% of the time does not mean that the tree is 90% air. Here's an example of why that couldn't work: Take a net with 1"x1" squares. The volume of the net is much more than 90% air, but can a basketball fit through it?

my favorite episode is the viral videos wen adam sucks in helium and then sucks in sulfur hexaflouride. that was so funny!

mythbusters rules! i can't wait until a new season.

 WHAT happened in the secret agent getaway myth?

 who saw the mygyver myths and the car swerve?

 that was a really sweet episode

my fav is the superhero special!


there is a new sieres starting soon! but i dont know the date

Cooooooooool! Can't wait! I wonder will Kary be in the new series, because of the baby and everything...

Compact Compact car myth! The rocket sled was at mach 2

One of my favorites so far has been the Water heater tests. It was confirmed / shown plausible and is a potential danger if hot water heaters are not maintained properly.

That was pretty sweet!
One of their test blows happened during our daily meeting. It was loud, and we all bolted for the nearest windows to catch the fallout. Good stuff.

So your building is near where they tested? You posted this a long time ago, I'm just browsing the comments and I forgot about this one... It's nice to know that the mythbusters live in your town, isn't it? :)

Our old building!
We had all four Squid Labs companies in the Control Tower on the old Alameda naval base, but when we all started growing some of us moved to downtown SF. Our sister company Makani is still located on the base.

So how do you like the new episodes, have you watched them?

Cool! Can you upload some pictures of your new home, i mean work place? Thanks :)

The height that one went to just threw me totally off. I never would have imagined such force inside of that "very common container" inside our homes.

Yes, pretty scary for a common household item.

Yes, I like that episode too. My jaw dropped when I saw the big Water heater go off like a bomb, STEAM BOMB. :)

212_GSW Power Vent Water Heater v2.jpg


I'm sure the 'ibles staff would change your user name to the correct spelling of Commodore, if you ask.

Thank you for your concern but I miss spelled it on purpose. :)

OK, suit yourself....

a long time ago, I had reasons for using the misspelling of Goodhart as Gudhart too. But that was a long time ago (do you remember the PC Jr. ? :-)

After I started to use that nickname, a bunch of others started to use it too. Why, did you know of a Gudhart?

No, just surprised. I didn't know you changed your name!

Well, I didn't change it in here.....and it is only my moniker, as you know. Long long time ago, in the land of the recently created Web, there was a friendly monster called the Chat Planet. In that beast, were many good friends, but a few ingrates started cracking into the JavaScript code and taking over webmaster and monitor positions by force, and the chat planet shut it's doors, in a day. Poof. All my friends were like wiped from the face of the earth. No way to contact most of them, as I didn't have email addresses. It was then that I used Gudhart as my moniker.

Yeah, so the name gudhart is kind of reminder to a great dream that ended as a nightmare. But I did stay in touch with at least one of the members of the Chat Planet, at least :-)

No, before the turn of the century, the Planet closed one day (they had been threatening it for a week because of the malicious crackers). Lost a lot of friends that day... *sigh*

To bad! I sounds interesting! Well today we have World of Warcraf! :D

That doesn't sound like it would attract too many "simply chatters" though. Chat Planet was huge, thousands of rooms to choose from for every taste and kink :-)

Sure, I remember the PC...who you callin' Jr.? ;-)

For that matter, do you remember the IBM PC Model 5150 ? Or the XT ? ;-) jr LOL