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TNK-BP announces that all of its Russian retail assets have been consolidated within the TNK-BP Holding group of companies.

In a transaction between a subsidiary of TNK-BP Holding and STBP Holdings Ltd., the TNK-BP Holding group has consolidated retail business of STBP Holdings Ltd. within Moscow city limits and the Moscow region. The transaction was valued at approximately USD 1.1 bn by an independent appraiser, S&G Partners. With the deal closed, TNK-BP Holding owns 733 retail sites across Russia under BP and TNK brands.

“Complete consolidation of Russian retail assets within a Russian company makes for a crucial step in the implementation of TNK-BP’s strategy for greater transparency and efficiency of its business; moreover, it is a key prerequisite for its ongoing successful development”, — says Jonathan Muir, Chief Financial Officer, TNK-BP.

Background for Editors:

OJSC TNK-BP Holding is an open joint-stock company established in November 2004, registered and operating in Russia. TNK-BP Holding owns the majority of Russian assets of TNK-BP. Minority shareholders own c. 5% in OJSC TNK-BP Holding; indicative quotations for company shares are posted on the RTS Board information system (TNBPI.RTS).

TNK-BP is Russia’s third largest oil company, 50% held by BP and 50% held by the AAR Consortium (Alfa Group, Access Industries, and Renova). TNK-BP also owns close to 50% of another Russian oil and gas company, Slavneft. TNK-BP accounts for approximately 16% of Russia’s production (including its share of Slavneft). SEC proved reserves (life of field basis) were 8.586 billion boe as of December 31, 2009.

STBP Holdings Ltd. is a subsidiary of TNK-BP International Ltd.

References to “TNK-BP” mean “TNK-BP International and the company’s consolidated subsidiaries” unless the context requires otherwise.

References to “TNK-BP Holding group” mean “OJSC TNK-BP Holding and the company’s consolidated subsidiaries” unless the context requires otherwise.

For further information please contact:

Dmitry Sergeev

TNK-BP Public Affairs Division

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