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TR8-2015 GIVEAWAY! Answered

Winner of the TR8-2015 giveaway is!... TheDunkis! Congratulations and thank you for all who where eager to participate.                         Who wants my TR8-2015 and some fin ammo? I am looking for and individual who would test, review, and post a video of the K'nex gun. If you can convince me why you want it I will consider shipping it out for free! Comment below and I will announce a winner. Thank you everyone for the support over the years. This is my way of having some fun and giving back to the community who has been a great part of my hobby life! So comment below and you could be the owner of my TR8-2015 built by me including some fin ammo!


I got the TR this morning. I recorded the box opening video. I'll probably do one more quick shoot of firing it outside to finish my first impressions, then I'll start a text review while I get the videos on my computer and edited. I might do a full video review later on when I have a better handle on the thing. Already noticed a few things I want to modify myself, just to personalize it.

TheDunkis is the TR8-2015 giveaway! Thank you everyone for participating we can all now look forward to a review soon!

Oh hey, I missed this comment among your other one. =P Thanks a lot, man. I suppose I'll check my inbox.

I'll make sure to give everyone an exciting review ASAP.

Congratulations! I wanted it, but you are the most qualified anyway. :)

I am looking forward to your review.

You would've done just as well I'm sure. I'll have fun with it. I'll definitely get a text review out ASAP. Might take a bit longer on the video review. I'll probably set up a cardboard target for myself.

Maybe on the text part, but my video would probably be lacking.

I shipped the TR the morning 2 day fed ex ground so shouldn't be long

Y'know, why not. I'd like to give it a whirl. Excuse my wall of text. It's just showing how serious I am about trying this out =P
1. First off, I haven't often built other people's guns since I've had so few K'nex of my own. I've typically only built my own weapons and then was sad I'd have to destroy the ones I liked most in order to make new ones. I'd finally have a chance at trying out your TR and directly compare it to my own weapons.
2. Going along with that, I've always been skeptical about the practicality of your weapon, so I'd give it an honest review. Who better to impress than the ones unsure of its capabilities? I'm under the impression I'd rather use my pistol for a war because the range is "good enough" while its ease of use would seem better, but I haven't been able to build your gun to compare it. It's universally praised because it's basically a repeater that performs very well. I'd love to give it an entirely objective review instead of the typical "I can bork stuff and hit turgets at a diztense." So while you may think "oh geez, not a loyal fan" you can consider it a chance to convert me, per se. Compare it to my weapon of choice and see how that runs out. My opinion is open for changing.
3. We go way back. I mean, while you and I haven't interacted directly all too often, you know me, I've been around relatively a long time. You have an idea what I'm like. You've tried out my pistol and modded it to your liking. I'd like to return the favor. I've also been doing my best to stay alive in the community and continue building no matter how old I get, but I could use a pick-me-up to start building again.
4. I'm mature. It feels immature saying that, ironically. But basically I'm just summing up that I'll review the weapon honestly and of course have the strength to cock the weapon. =P You don't need the permission of someone's parents. You can trust sending me the weapon and that I wouldn't do anything stupid with it. Plus, I tend to use good grammar, so the review would just sound more professional (now I just sound pretentious, I apologize).
5. I've experience making K'nex videos before. I'm sure you've seen some of my past videos. Nothing too special I suppose, but I haven't really went all out in a long time. I've a quality camera I can capture in 1080p 60 FPS for a nice, high quality video. I'd love to finally make another video, just never really had anything to show myself. I've a nice, new clean house to record in and space outside to do distance shots. I'll also start writing up a format for how I'd like to make the review video. I'll run it by you first and make sure it has your support.
6. Finally, not trying to make this sound like a bribe, but I'd be more inclined to make it to the next K'nex war. I live with a friend now with a more flexible job where I get paid time off accrued over the months. I'd have more time and be more willing to make it out there. The main thing stopping me is, again, I don't really have a war weapon other than my pistol. So, regardless of which I end up taking, I'd possibly be able to convince my friend to come with, and he could use the other weapon. I'd be more willing to make it with a friend. And then I could personally thank you. But I know, you'll say I ought to come up anyway. =P Just gotta get more K'nex so I can build a second weapon for once.

Y'know what, I'll sum that list up for you because it was long:
1. Never had enough pieces to build other people's weapons.
2. I'd give you a fair, objective review, a chance to impress me.
3. You know me and tried my weapons out, I'd like to do the same.
4. You know me and can trust me.
5. You can also trust the quality of my video.
6. I'll have another weapon so I can take another person to the next war.

Regardless of your choice, thanks for being a help to the community. We don't have too many people really keeping this place active. I've been impressed with some of the new builds and people lately, though, so I'm hoping things start picking up again.

thank you very much for this awesome and very detailed response I will be sure to let everyone know the winner soon!

It will be you. You took the time to right a detailed response and are well quilifed.

I could really use the excuse for a video again. I also rebuilt the 3.9 in anticipation and am tweaking it trying to figure out the best magazine setup. It's just interesting looking back, I made the original Oodassault for the sake of making the first repeating Oodammo weapon. I revised it so much since then to be not just a novelty but something that could perform admirably. It'll be fun putting it head to head with a gun that focused on performance from the start. I know the TR performs better. But I want to see how much better and if it makes enough difference to change my mind.

The TR was designed for fin ammo. first time I shot oodammo was at the first war cause fin ammo was too powerful lol. oodammo was never the intended ammo but it performed well and the TR platform proved to shoot anything half way decent. I do think a better gun van be built for oodammo since the TR is for longer range more power fin ammo. The idea was to out gun, out range, the enemy.

What exactly would you change about the TR for an Oodammo focused weapon? If I win, of course I'd review the TR as a whole with fin ammo. I'd still like to compare it with Oodammo as the the next best thing (unless you'd rather plain rods) in the event fin ammo is banned. Personally, I wouldn't allow it at wars, though I see how fun a K'nex weapon can be when it finally has reliable accuracy and good range. For the purposes of wars, I wouldn't want any one thing to be vastly superior. Amuse me, have you attempted stuffing fin ammo into a shotgun? I've entertained myself with the thought of making a magazine fed repeater that uses fin ammo somehow. I don't think a repeating slingshot with fin ammo would be -too- difficult. A nice challenge though.

I think a mag fed oodammo gun is best like your pistols so long as the range and reliability is the same. A larger ammo capacity ideal but an 18 round turret is clumsy currently and I haven't worked on one in years cause the TR8 is the best balance of many K'nex war needs. Oodammo is never the ammo of choice and range is limited but it's what we use at wars to make a variety of weapons more viable and safety friendly game. I could say a lot about pros and cons of different build ideas and gun ideas but the TR8 is the best of many things and an ideal balance of many pros and cons.

Didn't Ooda test this and that's why Oodammo exists? Oodammo is simply the best you can do without modifying ammo. K'nex were simply not designed to be shot otherwise, and that's one of the challenges we deal with. So yeah, it'd be rather limiting if fin ammo was allowed. I dunno, depends on the preference. If you want to maximize range for each shot, still seems like the TR would be the way to go regardless of ammo, especially the more ammo you want to have. But you'd rather have a pistol if you had to use Oodammo? And haven't you guys come up with a 12 round turret? I feel like that'd still be wieldy.

Oodammo is the best you can do with simple rod firing pin style guns other than modified ammo... this is true but other ammo could be better. I would definitely take a TR over a pistol any day into a outdoor war as it has proven to be the best gun overall to get the job done. What I am trying to say is yes the TR is an amazing platform for shooting lots of different ammo types including rods and Oodammo however it was not designed around those ammo types. It was designed solely to shoot fin ammo at a good ROF, range, accuracy, consistency, and reliability. That was the design intention of the gun. A gun designed around Oodammo would be similar only a higher capacity, possibly a multi-shot capability, faster reload/mag, etc... To me the gun needs to be powerful, reliable, etc but I would be different than a TR. The TR was entirely designed around fin ammo and yet is still the best overall preforming platform to shoot rods and oodammo. Not saying it doesn't get the job done well... I just think a more interesting gun or ideas can be built with the sole intention of shooting oodammo.

As they have. We got a lot of interesting weapons designed around Oodammo, some performance based, some not. I created my first Oodammo pistol as a proof of concept, the second one as just a novelty, but then I aimed to refine my third one into a war weapon in its own right, just with different philosophies.
I hope people continue moving forward with innovation that can eventually turn into practical war weapons. Some people view the TR as perfection. I just see it as the next thing to top. It's the best at what it does, but we can find something new to do. Shotguns, easy to use repeating slingshots, practical semi autos, etc. I wish people would work further in developing these into war weapons. I really gotta dedicate time to a project until it's finish.

Willing, most certainly. Able to, I can't promise it, but I'll do my best. I've always wanted to, it's just been a bit of a haul there. But now I earn paid time off by the month, so assuming I've saved up enough by then, I'd be able to more comfortably take a day to drive down there. I'll have to ask him if he's interested. Where do you typically meet up again? I'll see how far it is from my new location. I've moved farther east, but a bit north. I think I'm closer but I'm not sure by how much.

K'NEC war 2015 forum is up with location linked on it Fremont Ohio I believe

Ow. The TR8 is going to you, that's for sure.

But let me tell you this, a TR is going to be easier to use then your Oodammo gun anyway.

You remove the band on the mag pusher, flip the mag down, snap a clip into place, remove a piece from the clip, flip the mag up, band the pusher, pull the pin back and pull the trigger.

Now let us compare it with a TR8.

You click 8 rounds into a turret, spin a ratchet, pull the pin back, and pull the trigger.

Which seems easier to use? (I do really like KK's version of your pistol, with the locking mag pusher, your Oodammo pistol is very well designed, just not as good as a TR.)

Ah, you see, you don't know about the latest version of my pistol it would appear. For my oodammo pistol, all you had to do was push the magazine back, insert the clip, pull the magazine up, and push the clip lock off. Here, let me show you my video on it (pardon, it's old):

As you can see, it's a very simple, fast, and fluid action. And then you have 10 rounds instantly ready to go. This is something I'd compare in the review. The TR has to be loaded individually. It was why I was interested in seeing someone come up with a speedloading device for it. I may give it a shot if I win. So I was going to determine if the range and accuracy would trump the ease of use.

That is actually really cool how fast that can be loaded. You are right, I did not know about that version. Still, it is hard to beat a TR due to good range (I know you hate when people bring that up, and I am not going to argue with you about it) and reliability. Also, you can reload the TR8 when there is still ammo in it.

The problem with speedloaders for a TR is they would end up so bulky that you would be better off using pieces for a Oodammo backup gun or a block trigger TR pistol.

I still would feel more comfortable in a K'new war with a TR8 then a Oodammo pistol, but a Oodammo pistol would make a good backup for when your turret is empty and there is no time to reload. However, if you fire a couple of shots, and put new ammo in their place when you have the chance, you could go though a entire war without ever emptying a turret.

I also allowed you to lock the pin down and load rounds individually in the Oodassault. We've gone over the range thing numerous times so I won't repeat myself. The thing was that I never actually tried out the TR. I've only had a hypothesis and never tested it. I've made a turret weapon once, just decided it was too clunky for my liking. So that's why I'm willing to give the TR a chance in performance. If I setup targets at a good distance, will I be able to hit them much more reliably with the TR? A test for moving targets will be more difficult, but I'll see if I can figure something out. Then of course I'll go over all the other things that matter. I plan to be quite comprehensive.

True about the speed loader. That's why I was curious if a practical one could even be made, at least for general use's sake if not for a war.

Lock the pin down? May I ask what you mean by that?

A TR shoots fin ammo with a somewhat flat trajectory and it should shoot more to your point of aim at longer range, while your Oodassault would need a good angle to shoot past fifty feet, and would lose it accuracy with a lot of angle, simply because it would be difficult to guess where the ammo would end up.

I think you will enjoy the TR a lot if you end up with it.

I meant the magazine pusher. As in you wouldn't need to take off the bands or doing anything too funky with it. You can put it in a position where it stays held down, break open the magazine, and then add individual rounds. So it was flexible. All versions did this, just that I designed the 3.8 and 3.9 to cater more to using clips with the pusher lock as a secondary feature.

Oh yeah, and I know fin ammo performs very well. Last I checked, they weren't allowed at K'nex wars because they were so good. I'll probably use just plain yellow rods and oodammo during comparison to be fair. But for straight up accuracy and range tests, I'll use the provided fin ammo.

I'd be honored if you considered me. I have access to some hardcore editing software such as AfterEffects and green screen technology and I have friends who are pretty popular oh Youtube. I can make a great review along with an action movie for you, plus I live somewhat near you, so you could save on shipping.

"I Usually have 8 #64 rubberbands on it, but I dont like to stretch the
rubberbands while Im not using it. I also have a black ram for firing
purposes. I just threw the grey ram on just for pics."

So... did you break your only black rod?

I'm unsure of your age but my concern is simply can you charge back 5 size 64 bands? My sister wife and friends have no problem charging it but I'm sure a younger kid may. I did give away a TR for Christmas a year or two ago and had it with 3 bands and they had no trouble they were 7 to 9 years old I believe.

I'm younger then BM and five bands is no problem, even without a slide. And yes, I know how to use TR right.

Bottom line: BM is 17 and should have no problems charging it whatsoever.

For what? It would be pretty cool for BM to get the gun and learn that yes, a pin gun can shoot over 100 feet.

The TR8-2015 is finally complete! All pictures have been taken for the instructions. Videos have been shot explaining how to make the firing pin and band the gun. It will not be long before instructions will be posted. I do wish to shoot a video of the gun immersed in sand water and mud and then shot showing the guns reliability. I am curious if it will work at all under those conditions however the new gun is more reliable than ever and should be a joy to shoot each and every time the gun is charged and trigger pulled. I am excited to unveil the instructions so that others can build it as I have and experience the joy of shooting this gun.

Sweet thanks! Been quite a few years since I last built the tr8 so I'm really looking forward to it (It was probably the original or near original tr18 at the time XD)

I am looking forward to it! (I could build it off of the video, but full instructions would be very nice.)