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Trauts, we need you. At least I do. Anyway, I need YOU to create a W2000 rifle!!!!!




I know. If he worked on the handle a bit, he would have it. Good job though, I think.

ok.... itll probably be at least 2 weeks b4 i post (if at all)

Looked better in the dark. LOL, just kidding. I tried myself, and FAILED. That's why I called upon the help of you guys. You've got everything but the thumbhole, the handle slant, the bull-pup, and the filled-in stock. BUT! Post that son of a botch!


9 years ago

Wow, I didn't get a comment or msg or anything then I stumbled upon your page and saw, "TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTSTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSS". I may have a try at it. Other than the XM8 i've been thinking about a slingshot gun that houses the trigger ratchet system behind the actual trigger and handle, as most are extremely long and annoying to maneuver. Someone made a crossbow with this design a long time ago, and I think it would be great for a compact slingshot gun.

I think a competition is in order... Man have you even gotten farther on the XM8 than what I built? People keep asking me about the XM8 and I have to keep telling them I have no clue about it and it's all up to how far Trauts is.

Competition? Why? And I have done some of the XM8. The bolt action and basic body is done, But I still need a trigger and a retracting stock.

You made it bolt action with a bottom loading mag... Wtf, how!? I've made a bolt action with a top mag, but I tried a bottom and the pusher ate bullets...

He just means the charging handle. Or maybe he just means a simple fake bolt action as in a ram has been made because mine never got built to the point it had a firing mech.

I mean an actual charging handle that cocks the ram back.

Ahh, good news from me anyway, my semi auto is firing about 7 feet max, but I am still working, I'll give you more details on msn, oh and I put my mag that has an internal pusher for greys on it, it only uses 6 y clips for the mag, and the mag is the length of a grey rod and a white rod, lol.

Look at the comment below. I already planned on trying the gun out but I don't want to just take it from you and I honestly want to see who would do a better job. Alright cool. I a few ideas for the stock.

Yeah alright I think I have it planned out on how to make it a slingshot. The magazine and trigger mech will be the hardest otherwise the rest of the gun is simpler than it looks. I mean take out the handle and the scope and what do you have? Lol a 2x4 (well not literally) so I'm going to get more pieces, finish and post the UMP, then get started on this.

Ouch man you could ask me too I need something to do. Anyways he's working on the XM8 for now.

Sorry. But I was waiting for his response. I thought about the XM8, and after I checked my E-Mail, I would rename this forum topic. TD! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!!!!

Lol well at least it would make for a shorter title. I know trauts has made some better replicas but I haven't made on in forever. Now I'm starting out on making small weapons that are designed by myself. I've gotten better though. Between all the suggestions at my thread though I'm not sure what I'll build next o_O.

Yeah, I guess. I say you did an AWESOME MP5K, dude. Small weapons, such as... Yeah, they overload you. LOL

Yeah I only wished the MP5k worked better but that wasn't as much of a priority. That's why I wanted to do an SMG like a UMP but now I keep finding out new mechanisms and such and so I build my own weapons. I'll be sure to make my next gun based off of a real one. Aside from the XM8 but I just don't know which I should do. I'm going for a sniper so I'd be willing to try this although it looks a little tough.

Just the fact that it's a bullpup. Uh I could try making it a sling shot although I haven't tried that before but it would beat having a pin firing mech in the stock.

Yeah. There's only about 126 in existence, plus 14 in the U.S, 11 of which belong to a company owner. A slingshot with a mag? Possible, but HARD. I wish you luck. : )

I know I researched it. I think I'll try another sniper first. I might make that eventually if trauts doesn't but I'm going to do something easier. And I had an idea. Basically there would be a roof above the magazine obviously to stop the ammo. Then there would be a block above above the magazine. Then when you pull back the rubber band you would push against the block above the magazine until ammo loads into the barrel. I'm not sure how well this will work for a bullpup though.

I had that same idea in the root of my PSG-1. Didn't work though. : (

How so? Anyways yeah I'm making the base for a 50 cal.. I have the magazine made I just need to figure out how to make it removable. Also should I make the conventional tube barrel for accuracy (I'll make sure to not make it super frictioned) or should I use a flat connector barrel? I think I'll have to go with conventional as it's the only way I'd be able to use my new barrel. Now I just need a large caliber rifle to replicate that isn't a bullpup.

Ooh, a .50! Looks like you'll have to go with the tube. Large, no 'pup? Hm... It would work like this: There was like a roof over the magazine like you said. The roof was made of a special piece that angled a new shell ammo towards a "dirt door". This door stopped the shell from coming out until it was pulled back. When it was, the shell would pop out. The rubber band was tied to a red connector the when pulled, would push against a block in the mag, load another round into the chamber, pull the dirt door back, and eject a shell. Cool, huh? Not cool: -37 rubber bands to work it all. -Range: 3 feet. Cool: Very realistic!