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OMG would someone please be willing to help me!!! I am in dire need! This digital TV is great but the down side is a weak signal goes out completely, no more fuzzy picture! How do I stregnthen my signal from my rooftop antenna?


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Rishnai (author)2008-08-04

That's what I hate about the new digital thing, too! I'm in the middle of the city, but I can pick up 43 channels with my rabbit ears (of course by my low-fi standards, that includes ones that I have to stand in a specific position to pick up intelligibly). I'm going to miss my late-night skywave... sniff. First of all, what is the terrain where you are? Flat as a pancake between you and the transmitter, some hills, or some hills, mountains, and a big city with skyscrapers? Once I could only pick up a radio station when I had Pikes Peak in between me and the tower, but that's not natural. Most of the time, the less stuff you have even potentially in the way, the better. High-voltage power lines in between ya'll can be a problem, too. If you have line-of sight but you're just way far away from the transmitter, you'll need to simply attach a signal amplifier that you'll run in a feedback loop. I would try using the "gain" on a guitar amp first. Upping the gain always helpd my AM reception, so it should help your TV, too. I don't know how to get coax cable to connect to anything else terribly useful, so that could be a fun experiment. It might be impossible to boot your signal so you're geting anything more than a mosaic of tiles and odd noises, since the "packets" of info from the tower might not even all be arriving, so you couldn't pick them all up.

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