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TVIKT entry: SKAK Answered

Hey! This is my entry for The Very Important K'nex Tournament! The Small Knex Assault Kit!!!!!!!

This gun features a variety of add-ons such as: 2 scopes, vertical grip, and a laser pointer.
First pic.-old stock              second pic.-new stock(sorry bout the blur)        which do you like better?

piece effeceint
comfy stock
good range(35-40 feet)
good accuracy(30 feet)
removable mags

not the best accuracy/range
If you would like me to P0$T, just drop a comment below!

See video for details.

If you can't view the video, YOUR LOSS!!!!! I can not lose points for the video not being able to be viewed. I did make a video showing all the qualities of this gun. I can view it. Just because you can't doesn't mean I didnt make one!

FYI: The mis shot in the video is only because of the wierd angle that I was shooting from.


I've never even SEEN a moff file before...
Most people would appreciate something like a mov, avi, or wmv.

The stock shouldn't be bent. Rule number one of building is keep rods at the angle they were designed for. IE A STRAIT ROD IS MEANT TO BE STRAIT.

If I saw the video i might make a good comment.

I made a new stock already.

I'll get pics up soon.

I kinda lost my camera.............

Second one, it should totally win

First view and comment!!! Body and front part looks really cool but the stock could use some work i think-but that's just my opinion. Also, the video won't play for me-i think you'll be hearing that from other people too. Try uploading it to youtube and then adding a link or something.

Thanks! Sorry, the video works for me. I really should make it work for others. I'll try to. Thanks again!!!!

upload it to youtube or make it .MOV

I will. Expect it no later than Halloween.

PS-Are you goin trick or treating this year?

...Maybe. But i can convert your movie for free. I don't know how I cangive it to you though...

Replace the green connectors in the bend with hinges and you're good to go.


8 years ago

Second one wins easy

He should just make a straight up stock.  Don't bother with bends.

why's the stock bent like that? That will make me dock points you know.

But then it wouldn't be so strong.

And if people don't care about cutting pieces, why would they worry about stretching connectors?

You do have a point, but he should still make the stock straight if he is gonna use gray rods. I would say if he has it like that he should use bendies.

Please see my above comment.

PS-awesome fast reply!

PSS-Do you like this new comment layout? 

I don't mind. I like how when you bold or italicize, you don't have those postraphe things.

ugh.....so many big words

I hate it, it takes time to get used to, and you can't use the old formatting code.  Plus some of it is pro only.

Look at all they get. We got half of that before. Next thing might be posting instructables as a pro member only. jk<br />* Undo / Redo<br />* Bold / Italic<br />* Links<br />* Ordered / Unordered Lists<br />* Blockquote / Indent<br />* Special Characters<br />* Tables<br />* Embed Videos<br />* Paste as Text<br />* Paste from Word Document<br />* Styles<br />o Heading / Subheading<br />o Big / Small<br />o Typewriter<br />o Underline<br />o Strikethrough<br />o Subscript / Superscript<br />* Remove Formatting<br />* Spell Checker<br />* Show Formatting Blocks<br />* Expand Text Area to Fit Window<br />* View / Edit HTML Source<br /><br />