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Take a Photo, Get a patch! (my new monthly give away) Answered

Some of you may have noticed that I stopped doing my famous 'Desktops of [current month]' Forum topics. 

These few days of past, I may have bought myself three cameras, so it prompted me to think.
Thus I bring you my new monthly forum topic, which I hope more people can get involved with than the Desktop wallpaper topics.

Essentially, every month I am going to post a topic with a distinct theme. The task then is for you guys to go out and take a picture along that theme, and post it as a comment.

This months theme is an introductory one - 

Camera Self Portrait

Go and take a picture of your camera using your camera.

Make the most of reflective surfaces, and interesting techniques. If you own more than one camera I want you to use your favourite, because this is the first topic, think of it as a 'hello, meet my camera'.

You do not have to be in the photo, so you can still take part if your conscious of putting your picture on the webz.

Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. I know that one of you could easily take an amazing picture with your phone, while someone with a nice Canon 7D could struggle to find a nice shot. 

Every person who posts gets a patch! 

Here is a picture of me with my Canon just after I had got my 50mm prime lens!


My trusty Samsung NV10,
Beautiful black design with electric blue elements. Takes great photos, does macro really well too, I use it for all my instructables.

Its about 4 years old now, might get a micro4thirds soon.
I bought it in France on a trip with my dad, he left my older cybershot camera on a table and it got stolen, he claims it wasn't his fault.

yea and i'm flying in the picture :)

Photo 71.jpg

I reccomend the Pentax Q for a small, mirrorless camera. I love mine and use it more than my dslr.

 Truth - I was expecting something a bit more creative from you!

haha i was going to set up a load of mirrors but the only ones i could find are very securely fastened to the wall, and im supposed to be revising XD

 I will let you off, only because of the revising. I do like that camera, I nearly bought one, but then I got my nice Canon instead!


5 years ago



6 years ago

This shot may not be big enough here to show a lot of detail but you can go to the instructable and see it giant size. (click on the picture and specify Original size)



I really like the way you think out side the Box , great job

Hi all. My first post to the site.. and here's my picture of my camera taking picture of my camera.

Feed-back effect via Canon's live-feed software. I'm holding a mirror in front of the camera and removes it. Utilizing the delay transferring the live feed via USB I'm able to give it a bit of video feedback before taking the shot.


Don't know if this is still open but here is one of me I took of myself at an airport. I think it was Dallas but I don't remember.

all pictures 550.jpg

Im really late for the contest but im still gonna add it haha


8 years ago

Here's a strange image taken of me and reconstructed with (most of) my face removed.

Let me explain...

I work as a MRI researcher. This image is a 3D reconstruction of my head from a structural scan. The MR-image data details the entire volume of my head, not just an outside surface projection.

It is becoming standard to "strip" the facial region data thus preserving anonymity of human subjects. An automated computer program would be the best to perform this. However, it is non-trivial to automate this without loosing parts of the brain (the object we are studying).

So this was a test of the BET tool. In this case, my mouth was not removed, a potential problem.  Looks like I needed to shave also.

Thought this would be an interesting tangent to gmjhowe's original request.  I find it immensely enjoyable knowing what the back of my eyeballs look like, something I suspect few can attest to!


 I know I'm late for the contest as well but I thought I'd post mine anyways.

18-55mm & Canon 550D.jpg

It's my camera reflected in my mixer bowl while making Twinkies!
(even though I know it's too late for the April contest - I just thought it was a neat idea and wanted to get in on it)



My Canon EOS450D + Sigma EX 10-20mm + hotel room's bathroom mirror.


Looks like you put your eye in a magnifying glass.

 How is this Casio Exilim 'doin? (EX-Z600)


here's me with my old trusty canon 10d and helios (zenith) lens (m42 adapters FTW!)


gave me a chance to try out my new homemade soft "globe" i hope to get more involved in this forum topic!

fujifilm finepix s1500,  ISO 800, 1/75 second exposure, f-stop 2.8


Nice nuts! (climber joke for anyone that didn't understand)

I second the motion but a better pun would have been to comment on the cams...

This is my mums Nikon Coolpix L100.
The picture didn;t turn out as good as I hoped, But eh. Here are two with the light in different positions. Maybe I should have put the camera closer to one of the mirrors?

Mirrors are sucky. I cleaned these, but they still hated me.


 Ssshhh, don't tell anyone, but I like yours the best so far.

 My wonderful Canon SX1 IS!
Out of all the photos i saw in the comments section none had any form of nature in them (with the exception of the one taken in Tokyo) and so I felt that I had to bridge the gap between nature and technology.
I have owned a S1 IS which still takes pictures almost as good as my new SX1.
My favorite features about the SX1 is the full 1080p HD video and the 580mm/20X zoom.
This picture is from an instructable i made a while back on photography. Follow the link to see the instuctable with many more of my photos: www.instructables.com/id/Photography-the-guide-to-great-photos/


My Samsung PL60


At Ebisu in Tokyo, Japan


8 years ago

Was playing around with ideas and this is really the only reflective thing I could get my camera to capture itself in besides a mirror


Gf1 ipad goodness


Strange how my picture didn't come out.  Well, here it is.

My trusty Sony DCR-SX40 Camcorder taking a picture of the faucet.  You see the camera, right?

There you go.



Yes it's the centre of a speaker cone - well observed.


 haha, sweet, that is that? 

What is that? No ideas?
(Thanks for the patch)


 Is it the peephole at your front door?

My and my Canon Rebel XSI with my reflection in the lense.


This is a cool-fun idea. Thanks.

Here I is on one of my walkabout photo safaris... early in the morning, snapping the graffiti on a window... with ye olde Yoga Loft across the street behind me. Love my Nikon D80 and all the thousands of fun photos it affords me!


 Nice, let me know when you have added the extra effects, I will make a youtube video with some crazy electro music and embed it in next months topic.

This is my Canon Power Shot A580 and DVD disk reflection.


 Haha, using the best reflective surface to hand eh?

Hey, yours is the PowerShot A580, and mine is the A540! We are only 40 apart! I wonder what the difference between the cameras are. Nice pic, btw.