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Take a Photo, Get a patch! Answered

Hello Everyone.

Some of you know me too well, some of you new people may have no idea who I am.

After some time away from instructables for various reasons (partly because I have been helping with my local Hackspace in Nottingham) I am back with a vengeance. One of things I would like to start up again is my 'Take a photo, get a patch' monthly give away.

As a site that revolves around the sharing of photos accompanied with instructions, photos are a big part of what we do. I want to help encourage creativity around taking them.

The photography patch give away is simple.

I set a challenge, you then have to go out and take a new photo, post it in the comments and you get a patch. You have until the next monthly patch giveaway to submit.

This months challenge is 'Reflections' I recently posted a new instructable about a 'black mirror' here
Find something with a good reflection and take a picture, try and get as little of yourself in the reflection as you can.

Remember, every new photo posted as a comment gets a patch.

Edit: Bonus prize of a 1 year Instructables membership for the best photo (chosen by myself) and a 3 month membership for the first person using a Claude Glass!


I like taking pictures, and, while I only just got my own camera, I have taken MANY pictures before, I believe several of which have reflections. I will go look.

I just realised that the batch of pictures witch included the picture I am thining of was removed from my droipbox to make room for more, and the comptue rthey are stoed on is currently inacessible. So, I guess I will be taking original pictures. If I can get my mom to buy some black spray paint (As you cannot buy it (at home depot) when you are under18) I will use https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-Claude-Glass-or-Black-Mirror/
(I have a 2 OHP lens laying around.)

o, wait, it had t be from the month of May? I'm a bit late then :) *checks if you have newer ones*

I was sitting on the couch when I noticed the reflection of the lace curtain on the front door, in the photograph on the wall in front of me. I finally captured the reflection. Here it is.


Nice little comp.. Ok.. several pics of my motorbike.

The first was taken in a German motorway services a few weeks back. I was on the way home from a friend who lives in Germany. Stopped here to eat some lunch, his loverly wife made for me and also take on some water. It was a wee bit hot that weekend! You can see reflections in the back of the screen and the fairing mirror.

Next pics were taken today, (tue 22/05/2012) They are reflections in the bike clocks of the gorgeous sunshine, that I should be out riding in..

The last is in the mirror. Story here is that this is a mod I did to the bike. Its a Yamaha XJ900s Diversion. The mirrors are usually on the handle bars. I did a modification, where by they are now mounted on the fairing. (see it better in pic 1)

Have posted the modification in the DIversion owners forum. Didnt think it fitted this site, so never did a write up for it.

IF I win the patch, its going onto my bike jacket, to wear as a proud symbol of Intrucability. lol


This was awesome, I saw it of my bus while in a tunnel

baltimore 080.JPG

How do I include a picture in my comment?

Click on the "Add Comment" button, and you'll see a button below the comment window that says "add images". Click on that button, and you can then "upload" an image from your computer by clicking on the "Choose Files" button. Once your image is uploaded, you need to type something to include with your image (you can't just post images, you have to type something). Then you can click on the "preview" button (to be sure your image was added successfully). Then simply click on the "post comment" button.

Hope that helps you!

went to Chicago a while ago saw this in my camera roll in my iphone 4 and thought it was perfect
somehow im not in the picture :)


I've a nice reflection pic and it's nearly impossible to see me in there!

Jeff Koons Scultpure NYC.jpg

Here is a second photo of my field office.
It's the reflection from my co-workers truck. Given the recommendation on my first photo, I put as much of the reflection as possible in the photo. Not much to see, but the trailer in the background is where I work.


6 years ago

Here's my effort of the view out my window. Just unfortunate its so grainy...


This was my office view in the morning. Thanks for posting this! =)

Mirror glass pic for patch.JPG

This photo would be awesome if you moved the camera so the reflection took up more of the shot.

Some of the orientation is off, this can easily be fixed if you have a laptop :P
and the photos are smaller than I'd like them to be : |

Reflection of light through an adult beverage onto background.


Rose Reflection.jpg

A cool picture I took of the bush outside my house. Took using a homemade Claude Glass ,thanks for the awesome tutorial gmjhowe.


Hi, This reflection is one that's been intriguing to me for the longest time. My glasses sitting on top of the black glass desk top. In the reflection you can actually see where the glass was ground but there's no evidence of it in the glasses themselves. So cool!
PS - This is my first time here so if I'm doing this wrong, please let me know. Thanks.


my photos. The first one has the lake reflection and the other one has the reflection of the lights on the basketball court


I have a case on my 4th generation iPod touch with a little round window to display the Apple logo. I noticed in my car one day that when the light hit's it just right, it's reminiscent of an Apple-branded Bat-Signal.

Or, if you like, the iSignal. (da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da--APP-MAN!)

(I used a magnifying glass to sharpen the reflection, and GIMP to flip, rotate, and crop.)


6 years ago



This photo was taken in my bathroom. It was placed on a box wrapped in black cloth. I burnt my finger, but the shot was worth it, I think.

OK, here are my entries: First one, was taken in Sundsvall, Sweden; second, third, and fourth are at a lake in Hudiksvall, also Sweden. Fifth is in Arlanda Airport (Sweden as well), notice the reflection in the top part of the pìcture - that's me up there. Next picture I think is in Italy somewhere - don't remember.
The last one is again in Sundsvall, but I put it last because it's my favorite one.

I took all these pictures on my trip to Europe back in 2009, I'm currently in Ecuador.

Enjoy the pics, PM me with your email if you want the originals.


These are some very nice pictures. However the whole point of the contest is to encourage people to go out and take a new picture.

The idea being to challenge people to try something new.


6 years ago

Great idea for a contest! The backside of a DVD makes for an interesting reflection and the Gardens in San Francisco show how nice a reflection can be.

Ref 070.JPGRef 047.JPG

Ha the CD is an excellent choose to have on hand. Very nice.

I love the kind of multiple hazy look you get with reflections in double glazing. Very nice.

Does a tinted car window count as a Claude glass?
I read that it's just a tinted convex lense.

My science class in 8th Grade. Reflected off two Chinese Baoding Balls.


On that note.... if you get a sec, can you look at that email I sent you last week? :p Think you were traveling at the time.

Oh got a rather alternative technique to making a claude glass, will have to see if it works...


6 years ago

Reflection off of a marble, though you mostly just see the stripes of my window blinds.


Really nicely done, I like that the reflection is just part of the picture, opposed to the reflection filling the picture.

Nice, is that a "shooter's" marble?

I'm not sure, i just picked up a bag of marbles from the dollar store and there was this large one. To be honest I've never really played marbles before.