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Taking back the instructable? Answered

How to take back the 30sec contest entry?


You can't delete things that have been accepted as competition entries, but you should be able to delete your 30s video. Click on it and look, the delete is there somewhere. L

I don't see my video yet. is it normal not to be seen by the author unless it is reviewed and accepted by the moderator?

I didn't see it either, and its not normal. I'd suggest that it's not been embedded correctly or is of an incompatible format. Whole posts may be slow to reach full public viewing, but parts of them are not held back / moderated. L

Not possible. Even if you dont win the contest, it wont allow the ibles to be deleted.

I'm not sure whether the author can withdraw a contest entry. If you go back in and edit your I'ble, look in the "author options" box to see whether there's a way to do so.

If there isn't, then you should send a private message to Staff (I'd suggest Randy) asking them to take care of it for you.