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Tape cassettes. Hundreds of the things. Any ideas? Answered

Ok, my husband is a hoarder. But only of tape cassettes. There are hundreds (probably thousands) piled up in our bedroom in boxes as we've just moved. We are without a loft space (we had one previously which had a lot of them in) so even my husband was shocked at how much he had when we moved.

So! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could do with them? Things I could make? Do? Anything?! 

I'm definitely going to be making a few tape cassette purses I think! But I'm definitely up for a little help and ideas :)


i have a friend who knits/ croquches? (knits with one needle) with tape, makes hats and bags Looks pretty funny seeing her knit with a cassette on the end of the tape.

Cool idea - I also have tons of cassettes! Thanks for putting a new idea into my mind..!

I really like this idea! I guess I'll be digging the knitting needles out later! Thanks for the idea :)

Arduino powered spinning cassette shirt. :-)

Or You can make a sipders web out of tape, I made one in my room - it looked great with my Slayer and Slipknot posters :) You should find some pictures of it on Pinterest or Monavie :)

You could use the tape as yarn and knit/crochet something with them. I've also seen the cases used as business card holders.

hold on to them! this digital music stuff is just a fad. We will go back to the portability and reliability of the old cassette tape.

what kind of music does he got? some things such as whitesnake should only be experienced on cassette tape.

make a mixtape and show your love for him through bootlegged songs! He gots thousands you must have a lot of love....or patience.

records ! Especially the 78 rpm laquer ones !

I am more inclined to use the motors (small robots, rube goldberg machines, etc) and on the working one's even the circuitry can be incorporated sometimes..

The mechanical switches can be useful in many projects (that use LOCK ON switches). If you are using the innards, I would suggest replacing the thin rubber band with a gear assembly.

If cassette purses are good, then cassette tool bags would be great :-)

Good idea! I've seen plenty of floppy disc bags about, I'm sure tapes can also be used :D

1.) You could create a giant Cassette Tape Spaghetti Monster idol.
Then start an off shoot sect of the Spaghetti Monster religion and
request monetary donations from converts. Old unwanted cassette tapes
could be used as burnt offerings. The prayers of the disciples could
be recorded on the on the tapes before immolation.

2.) Make gaudy Elton John -like eye wear from the cassette cases.

3.) Surprise the hubby with a sexy Hawaiian grass skirt made of
magnetic tape.

4.) Pillows stuffed with magnetic tape.

The was something to extract the metal particles off of the tape by shredding and soaking the tape in solvent. You could then throw the particles in a bottle of mineral oil to make a cool magnetic field viewer or make some cool ferrofluid to experiment with.

The tape itself is a useful resource.

Not only does it make a good tail for small kites, you could weave it to make a fabric (remember weaving paper strops at school?).

The boxes make handy, stackable storage for small items.

You could construct large bags from the cassettes, in a similar way to the various floppy disc bags on the site.

Use the boxes to make larger boxes, gluing them together edge-to-edge.

(Don't forget to take pictures and post an instructable of anything you do!)

Thanks for the ideas! I really like the idea of weaving it, I'm surprised I hadn't thought of it already! I'll definitely be adding these to my to do list! :)