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Taser/Shock wand from Car Antenna Answered

I have an old ball-tipped car antenna lying around and I want to turn it into a shock-wand. Any ideas on how to do so? It's still has the hex and threading at the base.

Any help is welcome.

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ilpug (author)2014-11-18

I recommend getting a cheap stun gun online and cannibalizing it's parts, essentially you would have to attach the antenna to one electrode and an extension wire out to the antenna tip to the other electrode. Hook it all into some kind of well-insulated support structure, maybe a block of wood or plastic pipe, wrapped in an insulating material such as heavy rubber, or if nothing else, loads of electrical tape.

Be careful with it!

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Kiteman (author)2014-11-15

You'll need two conductors to the tip. The wand by itself won't do.

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