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Taxidermy idea Answered

For a while I've asked that when "the cats" die I can have them to turn into Davy Crockett Hats, with the tail hanging down at the back.
This is because:
-They have nice tortoise-shell fur
-What else do you do with a dead-cat
-How many Davy Crockett Hats have you actually seen?

When I was discussing this today, I was asked about the cat's head... which gave me the idea of having the head and paws on with an mp3 player and speakers in the front-paws.
So you'd have an Mp3 Cat Hat, that looked like you'd got a cat clinging to your head, with it's front paws in your ears.

It's a bit mad, but I think someone would buy one. Maybe mouse-mouse-minded people might make one?
Or it's a knitting/crochet project.



My son used to live in his hat, I still have it.


That sounds like a great idea - Canida is the only taxidermist I know, or I can talk to Kitewife for you about the knitting?

I found out the next day that the remaining cat had died and it's fur was not available.
However, the idea in fake-fur is still interesting.


Those thinking it gruesome need not make nor own one :-)

Sounds like a cool idea to me.