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Tech Deck Skate Park (WIP) Answered

I've recently started to build a tech deck skate park. The base is mdf (solid stuff, very heavy), and all the features will be made from wood with metal coping. The base is 36"x16" to fit on my desk.

You can track my progress here:

Let me know what you think, what you might change, and what you like/don't like. Also if you need any closeups of anything, I've got it saved in CAD and can post any screenshots you guys want.

Also, here are a few questions I have for you guys:
-The flat rails were easy because they were handles, but how could I make the rail on the stair set?

-How should I cut the profiles (out of 1/2" plywood) that will be the shape of the quarter pipe? I need to accurately cut that radius, but I only have a crappy band saw, 1" belt sander, drill press, dremel, and various hand tools.


Here are the plans:

Wow just remembered this is here.. if you take a look at that blog, it's got all the pictures from this build!

Does anyone have the plans for this by any chance please

that is one sick skate park