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Ten Years Answered

It's been nearly ten years since a load of people got excited about the year 2000 and the 21st century, what did we achieve?

Well Fox changed (the logo if nothing else) from 20th to 21st
2001 Wikipedia and iPod launched, World Trade Centre demolished (by uncertain contractor).
2002 The discovery of Quoaoar leads to Pluto being declassified as a planet
2003 Facebook launched
2004 Those robots land on Mars, Indian Ocean earthquake / tsunami
2005 Instructables launched YouTube launched, New Orleans drowns. Chas & Dave play the Holmfirth Picturedrome (img)
2006 (for the mathematicians) the Poincare conjecture is proven (right word?) MySpace launched (subsequently bought by Murdoch at what was definately much more than it's worth)
2008 LHC starts up
2009 LHC starts up again, Moon "bombed"

What events the last 10 years mean something to you?

*the basis of the list came from New Scientist No2739/40/41


we've accomplished lots!

Instructables! The greatest site :)

Mmm, yes we mentioned that. You didn't get married / divorced, have kids, nearly break an arm, explode something, get taken aboard a UFO, trade a cow for some "magic" beans....?


I ate some magic beans and there were bad results :)
LOL, nothing really happened to me :)

OK, that's good in some way I suppose.


Nothing? Not even gas?   They WERE magic beans    LOL 

yeah, there was gas, i ate magic beans and there was a BAD result! 
bad meaning gas!

well the only thing worth metioning........


if it wasn't for instructables i would,speaking completely seriosly here,would be having intense depression.


well heres mine
2003 new pet rabbit dusty
2008 learnt to fix bikes
2009 started a bike repair buisness

theres loads more but i just cant think of them

You ain't got much on the site, see if you can pin some publicity up at Wakefield College?


well its only a frineds thing but with christmas coming up im shutting it for a while

hey man just looked on your website I hope you suceed in that . I love my bike ! 

You should make accesories Like Bike computer mounts stuff like that and sell that too ! i made a Mobile phone holder by shaping some pvc and adding a piece of innertube with a clip on !

They must have bikes - target the college with fliers (in the spring)


I showed them aliens that stole my ear Whats what 

lets see
2000- celebrated by doing laundry and hording water with my mom (we had a wall of soda bottles)
2001- WTC
2002- Graduated HS
2003- Attended College -started to drive regually
2004- Got my first cell phone
2005- (not a whole lot here, especially not that im proud of)
2006- (not a whole lot here, especially not that im proud of)
2007- Graduated Community College and Joined the Army
2008- Spent a year in the great Republic of Korea (South Korea)
2009-Back in the states, Met a "healthy sized" (a fatty) woman on the internet who thinks I'm the greatest thing since squeezable mayonnaise. :)

Back in the states, Met a "healthy sized" (a fatty) woman on the internet who thinks I'm the greatest thing since squeezable mayonnaise. :)

2004- I get my first knex set as a birthday present from a friend who I haven't seen in 4 years. Hong Kong Disneyland opens.  I went there one year later on my trip
2005- Ibles shows up on the interwebz.
2008- I make my debut on the internet.  I hate me in 2008.  I learn about knex guns and bust out my knex set from 2004.
2009- Here I am today, typing this comment.

Wow you sat on K'NEX for 3-4 years before making guns?


I didn't sit on my knex, I had them in a storage container somewhere.

I took your last comment to be some form of wit and I laughed thinking you were joking.


2000 - Nearly broke my arm. Worst injury ever sustained.
2001 - Hmmm.
2002 - Piano!
2003 - Hmmm.
2004 - Got into football. Got my first guitar.
2005 - Hmmm.
2006 - Hmmm.
2007 - Got into freerunning.
2008 - Joined Ibles :) and started learning the guitar.
2009 - Grade 5 guitar :P

Well, I was on a park bench, one of those wooden one-piece jobs, overr some tarmac. I was pretending the tarmac was a swimming pool, and dived into it. Yes, I was 6. By nearly broken, I mean had to have it slinged up for a week and a very small fracture.

Are you talking about what happened to make him nearly break his arm or just how come it didn't actually break.  If it's the latter, then my guess is that he merely cracked the bone and it didn't break all the way through.

2001-Twin Towers Bombed
Don't forget, 2006- A lot of teenage girls get...nevermind
2009-Death of Micheal Jackson, Billy Mays, Les Paul and the one actress whose name I can't remember, (not to disrepect her)
For me,(Can't remember all of the years,)
2009-Won city championship baseball game, Turned 13, Got great new friends, Sadly, lost some great friends also,(Wouldn't call that a highlight, but worth mentioning) Got a two new baby cousins, Started watching Dexter, and more I'm sure.

Oh aye, yes I'll add that in. I was trying do get some work done at the time...


World Trade Centre demolished (by uncertain contractor)
Nice one. =P Much better then my wording

Poincaré FTW!

An entire decade, eh?
Somehow I feel like my list would be too long to put here. But yes, Instructables would be in bold and all caps.

And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you - no one told you when to run, you missed the staring gun.

I found that I'd taken a lot of websites to have been around for longer, forgetting that the internet was hardly anything 20 years ago.


I think I still have a BBS download from '89 sitting around somewhere...

Oooh. Anyone in there with ye-olde Compuserve e-mail addresses?


Well,  let's see, in 2007 in the fall I believe, I had just subscribed to MAKE magazine, and had found their website.  This (thankfully) led me to Instructables and my life hasn't been the same old boring "existence" it was up to that point.

Just this past year, 2009,  they bombed the moon.....

Um, when I searched for the word Quoaoar I got this link. Rather then the info in This link (which was a little more helpful :-) 

The 2000 scare got me thinking, and so I learned to diversify rather then have all my eggs in one basket. 

In 2009, I took a giant leap on my own and went to NYC for the day.  A totally new experience for me (not just NYC, but the adventure out ALONE thing).

In 2007, I also started reading and subscribed to The 2600.

Hopefully, I will be starting the next decade (2010) correctly by being able to attend the HOPE conference.

Nearly everything and anything that REALLY meant much to me, still centered around my running into MAKE and Instructables.

Bombed the moon has to go in.


Where is Instructables on that list?

(Somebody was going to say it...)

Apart for ibles, my highlights of the last decade have all been personal - #2 son, house moves, promotions, house buying...

(oops) Thanks for the comment.