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Tesla Coil MMC Answered


I am currently trying to build a Tesla coil. However, due to a little mistake my MMC only has about 1/4th of the capacitance required to get it to resonate . Now I wonder what the best course of action would be. add a resistor to reduce the amount of amps to 1/4th of its maximum (6000 volt, 5 mA instead of 6000 volt, 20 mA), and thus the capacity required for resonance (I have a variable resistor here). Or just run it with full power, which would mean it would most likely not function as good as it could (spark gap fires 4 times where it only should fire once)

I am currently not capable of adding up extra capacitors to the bank due to a lack of money, but might decide to do this in the furture

Help would be appriciated.


Did you see this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Leyden-Jar-Battery-for-Tesla-Coils/

No liquid required, and very cheap.

that one actually looks useful. unfortunately I don't have a multimeter capable of measuring the capacitance. But if the MMC fails, I could always try it.

and that is exactly why I wanted an MMC. Salt water leyden jars take up way to much space. I also don't like the idea of salt water near high voltages, which is why I build an MMC instead.

Adding resistance won't help the resonance at all, in fact, odd are it will kill it entirely.


maybe you got me a little wrong. The resistor would be put in the 220 volt line feeding the NST. this would (If I am right) allow me to current-limit the NST at a lower ampérage.