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Tesla coil and spud gun vs. Chrome Answered

Google made this slick video to show off just how fast Chrome can render web pages. They compare it against a spud gun, a speaker filled with paint, and a Tesla coil. Check out the video to see the lovely slowed down footage and the second video to see how it was done.
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The lightning test was kind of unfair. The mouse button was pushed down way before the tesla's button was. But, still an amazing feat of speed.

Yeah. It is impossible to exceed the speed of electricity, but I think it was showing that chrome rendered before the ship exploded, not necessarily before it was struck.

Electricty isn't a constant measurable by a speed. Plenty of things are faster than Electricty. Light for one. Therefore fiber optics could be faster than electricty.

Light "isn't a constant measurable by a speed" either, moving at a rate that depends on its transmitting medium. In a conductor's electron pool, however, electrons will emerge from the cathode almost instantly as others are applied to the anode.

 actually fibre optics are slower than electricity because light in glass travels slower than through air so electricity which travels at roughly 3x10^8would be faster in this case.
P.S. fibre optics can produce faster internet speeds because they can transmit multiple pieces of information at a time unlike wires that can only transmit one piece.

Yeah, but I meant that Chrome was activated first, go to 1:46 in the video and look closely at the two switches as they are pushed. That's what I meant by unfair. And I'm not trying to start an argument with you, I just think my original statement needed clarification.

But i am sure they are using a insanely fast connection that even FF would load pages near instantly.

Talking of FireFox in such a way is nothing. How about Internet explorer?

Your lucky if IE will load the same hour as you press enter.
BTW i hate chrome but if it says tesla coil and spud gun in the same sentance i  want to watch.

I use Chrome, can't beat it for day to day browsing. To bad skynet will roll out one day...

This is neat, but I'm still sticking to FireFox. It has more futures, and it's not as pretty.

I love Firefox when it's installed on my computer, but for running from a USB stick, I'm using Portable Chrome more and more over Portable Firefox.  The speed is amazing.

Lol, I run FireFox of a USB stick too. Your right about the speed.

is it just me, or does this make anyone else REALLY want a clear potato gun?

Go clear potato guns!

I think that clear plastic is pretty expensive though...

 Coming to a McDonalds near you. McChrome. And I may have a future at google, or mcdonalds if this is what they do.


8 years ago

New definition to "lightning fast" :p

This is the coolest speed test ever!  Of course ANYTHING involving the Tesla coil is cool.
I just may give Chrome a try - Safari's driving me nuts!