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Tesla coil what am I doing wrong?

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Simple question 5000 volt transformer  30 m.a.  shout circuit  two liquid salt water jar caps with coiled copper internally

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iceng (author)2013-06-09

For resonance to occur ( necessary to make a Tesla work )
You need the correct C capacitance, which you hit by very fortunate
I'm guessing you never measured the value of your cups.
You may have to try a single C, 2C, 3C 1/2C and 1/3C to try and make

There is also the question of capacitor speed.
Your Cup cap was much faster then water filled jars which may not be
capable of oscillating fast enough to Tesla.
I would glue foil to a plastic bottle material and insert it in the glass jar,
using the springiness to press against the glass wall for a fast cap.


wiccakingkamui (author)iceng2013-06-09

Ok but when I get this thing off wood it'll work stronger right

iceng (author)wiccakingkamui2013-06-10

Stronger, .... if now the wood isn't draining power away and assuming nothing
else gets damaged.

wiccakingkamui (author)iceng2013-06-09

And I don't understand the math in suppressed to aply

I'm supposed to

iceng (author)wiccakingkamui2013-06-10
put 2 caps in parallel and they add-up to 2C
put 4 caps in parallel and they add-up to 4C

put 2 caps in series and they divide by two C/2
put 4 caps in series and they divide by two C/4

Two in parallel with one in series becomes C1.5

The necessary resonance can be
  1. adjusted by primary turns
  2. or spark gap
  3. or capacitance

Josehf Murchison (author)2013-06-09

I can't quit tell how you have it wired from the picks did you ground the secondary.

I hooked em up like.....I could just set a metal plate under them and splice the top yes a true earth earth ground an same for transformer

The only other thing I can think of is current through the wood and gap distance. Your spark gap may be to big.

Current through the wood what do I Syracuse I got 5 of those cap now and I saw arc in the wood

Happens a lot with high voltage and wood, you need plastic glass or ceramic insulators.

There is a mountain of plastic glass and ceramic electric fence insulators you can get from your local feed mill or farm supply. Some you can find in junk or antique stores and you can even make your own out of sheet plastic or pop bottles.

You can even make the base out of Plexiglas.

Got her to arc I wasn't looking and herd a big arc un plugging it how much power am I generating

To tell power need to know volts and amps P = V x I


wiccakingkamui (author)2013-06-09

Btw the liquid has water soluble magnesium and sugar as well as salt in my understand of wicca this it a bonding compounds which makes charge more smooth I want my purple glow instead of arcs

And lemon juice almost a battery should I build another cap that's not so smooth

Do they run a master ground besides or copper rod in the power lines

Still nothin but check this sunset