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Test Thread Answered

I found this , which Instructable's formatting is based off of. So try out some stuff!


3 strikes, you're out



11 years ago

I think it would be wonderful to support some markup language that "standard" editors are willing to output. HTML (limited?) would be one possibility, but it's probably a huge can of worms even before you look at security issues (like, doesn't the normal Windows html editor ("Frontpage" ?) produce particularly "odd", complex, and large html?) RTF is another possibility. The wiki markup language seems pretty powerful, but I can't find a wysiwyg editor that outputs it. (and it seems annoyingly inconsistant; I just spent a fair amount of time trying to make a table, using two different wiki formats, and neither one worked here.)

The reply thing didn't work. And nether did the table...


HTML test?

Chat with me! And this is how to do bullets apparently... *Bullet1 *bullet2 *bullet3 (An asterisk, the thing above the 8)

This is odd...

OK for some reason the last one ain't working, and I cant delete it.

What do you think about allowing embedded HTML? Is it useful? Is it a security risk or could it be harmful? Should certain HTML tags be allowed and not others?

I like it, I don't know how different instructables is from trac, but according to the link in the original post, trac sanitizes the html for security purposes.