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Test your instructables knowledge with the first ever graded instructables quiz! Answered

Are you a walking encyclopedia of all things instructables? Or do you not know beans about the site? You don't have to wonder anymore-take the awesome quiz!

Then post how you did here!

EDIT: I forgot to add, after you view the results, the correct answers for all questions are displayed, along with mildly witty comments. So you do find out who it is who really likes hawaiian shirts. ;)


Q5 is incorrect. Saul and Tim have literally saved my life at least once, when I got so tangled up in kite lines that I couldn't swim (my llimbs were completely bound, and I wasn't carrying a knife). Thanks to the canoe Tim kept on the roof of his truck, they were able to sail out and pick me up, and I only ended up with a mild case of hypothermia.

Wow, that's scary-good thing Saul and Tim were there! Q5 is now changed. I quoted your words above.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I'm a question!!!! IMAQUESTION!!!!!

Yes, yes you are, in oh so many different ways....

Hmm, seems I miss a few: Score » 75 out of 100 Total Correct » 12 out of 16 correct % Score » 75 %

After revisiting, I got this....'


Nice quiz, I haven't been around long enough. Score » 63 out of 100 Total Correct » 10 out of 16 correct % Score » 62.5 % Result » Apprentice

Thanks! Don't feel bad, I don't think anyone's gotten 100 % yet.


9 years ago

Total Correct: 14 out of 16 Result: Expert Oh Yay! :)

14 of 16. I'm an expert!

I got 15 out of16 and you were there at the hq interning. For shame...


9 years ago

I missed 2... But only because i mis-answered one of the true-false ones! Those were tricky. But nice job on the quiz.

one i missed was one where all answers were true, except last answer, which was base lie

I dont get how KillerK is in there seeing how he's on less than Mepain now........

I'm so sorry, I was using an outdated version of "Who's Who in the K'nex world."

Seriously, I specifically try to incorporate a popular K'nexer to ward off this exact complaint-and this is what I get. I can't win.

I got 9 out of 16 (yay?)


9 years ago

15 out of 16 Master The only one I got wrong was the Hawaiian shirt one.

Heh. I bet kelseymh will get that one, if he sees this...

<sheepishly> I didn't get that far. I gave up after about #6, as the questions up to that point seemed to focus on the social relationships of the staff and long-time members.

Maybe I should try again, and just stick it out... No rude comments from the peanut gallery!

Sure......go away on MY question....grr...

Hey...I went back to it, and got 14 of 16 right (including YOUR question :-)
Scroll way down and you'll find me again

And I made a question just for you... :D Okay, good to get feedback-you think I should add questions on other things? Perhaps something along the lines of "what is the most common usage of an altoids tin on instructables"?

. I thought you did a great job, but it was heavy on things that only "old-timers" would know. Maybe alternate general knowledge and personality questions, so you don't lose the newcomers right away.
. For the T/F questions, I'd suggest something a little less confusing and consistent. Eg:
 o True o False o n/a o n/a
for all T/F questions.

Me, too! If somebody actually chose Frue, they should either get it automatically wrong, or maybe half a point ;->

They do get it wrong it they choose Frue or Talse. No way to give them half a point, unfortunately...

Unless it really was "Frue". ???!!! Wait, I meant Talse....

I really appreciated that, considering that I've only been around here for six weeks! The warmth and acceptance is really cool (urgh...is that the third beer talking?). I agree with NM (below) that a fair number of the questions are for "old timers." Some other "content based" questions could be useful. I think you were really designing the quiz as an amusement for those old-timers like yourself (har, har :-), so the questions might not be so far off after all.

Only missed 3! Which is an 81.25% grade. I got a B! I Missed 2, 13, and 15. I could've had 13 right, but I clicked the worng thing :( But with #3, where 48% answered this correctly. 52% answered wrong, I was in the Minority! Yay!

If you read my post, I would've had only 2 wrong if I hadn't hit the wrong button on 13.

I put down Canida, because I though she was the co-founder and Eric was the founder. I'm right, but that's not what the test goes by.

No. Canida is not a co-founder. Eric and Dan founded it. Show me where any source says she is.

Wait did Eric and Dan found instructables too? I mean, I know they co-founded squid labs...

but it also says CEO wait, doesn't co mean with so a co-founder is the founder with the other co-founder? that's what I always thought