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Tetrahedron Antenna Answered


I have a question about an idea I have for an antenna that always points to the sky antenna no matter how it lands; this is for a high altitude balloon. My idea was to make an antenna the shape of a tetrahedron, so that one antenna always points up.

Does  having 4 antennas diminish the signal from the transmitter at all?

Thank you


Not sure but you would think as a transmitting antenna, having the signals radiating from different near sources might cause interference. The same signal pointed in different directions could cancel some of the signal strength. Maybe have a single antenna inside of a rotating mount that is weighted upright.

If it is going to interfere then I might have to do something like you suggested and go with something weighted.

Yes - think along the lines of a hamster's exercise ball.

You guys seem to know what you're talking about. What do you think of the Instructable? It is what I need the antenna pointing up for.


You could try a Weeble design.


Yes, the weebl design (haha)! That reminds me of a punching bag I used to have as a kid... ohh, the memories.

That is along the lines of what I was thinking based on Caitlin's Dad. Should be pretty easy to accomplish.

Are you trying to make it so that the payload will have contact with the GPS satellites even if the payload lands sideways ? if so that will be a problem because the GPS satellite systems work in a different way than normal antennas they are usually flat antennas.

The signal that it will be transmitting will be from a short range radio beacon not a GPS.