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Text onto soda can Answered

I'm trying to apply some text onto the material from a soda can, but I don't have the neatest handwriting and it's not even meant to be a normal font. What are some good ways to apply some guidance for me when I go to actually scribe onto the material?

The end result I'm aiming for is a box similar to this one;
but with the Sith Creed written in one of the Star Wars fonts, and most of the visible work being done by a dremel.

I've thought about making a stencil, but I'm not sure I can reasonably cut some of those shapes at the necessary size.
Toner transfer may be an option, but I am not too familiar with that process.


Actually, search it on make: and you'll find an article by Sean Michael Regan on using one of the old hand embossers with soda can aluminum..

You get blue stencil foil that is activated by UV light.
So you printwhat you like on the foil, develop it in the sun for a few minutes and you are left with a thin pieve of plastic containing your writing.
But if you want to use a dremel anyway I would just print on normal paer, use a glue that dissolves in water and grind through the paper.


2 years ago

Carbon paper might work. Print your design on an inkjet, transfer to can with the carbon paper. Go over that with a Sharpie if it's faint. Emboss.

do you mean print directly on the carbon paper, or print on another sheet and attatch them to scribe together?

Try printing to regular paper, then taping a sheet of carbon paper to the back of that. Trace the design my hand; it should transfer.