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Textile cable from aliexpress safe? Answered

Hi. The same textile cables in any local shop or online in the western world can also be found on aliexpress for a fraction of the cost.

The question is if all 3 core cables fit for 230v are truly the same and if its safe. The shops locally selling textile cables get theirs from china ultimately for sure but the middlemen might be more honest.

Are there any tips or tricks anyone can give?

If my imported cable works for months is there any reason to question the integrity of the cable after that?

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-03-16

Hi flower2222,

Honestly, it's impossible to answer this question. My guess is that it would be fine to use, as the quality of most 'Made in China' products has improved over the last 10 years, but there's no way to be sure.

Most of the cloth covered cord that is sold by grandbrass.com and all of the cord sold by sundialwire.com are made in the USA, some achieving UL standards. If you're at all worried, I would recommend spending the extra $. Peace of mind is priceless. :)


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